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Mountain Scenic Spot - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Taishan to being the best option Mingyangtianxia Sacred Mountains of China, China's famous mountains of the top 10 in the first.
  Mountain 1532 meters above sea level in China is not high in the mountains, Sacred Mountains of China Xiyue Huashan lower than in the last 1,000 meters, so this lofty status, geography and history are two reasons prompted.

Geographically First of all the lower reaches of the Yellow River for the Taishan Mountain in the first, the Shannan Prefecture of Dawenkou Culture Hill and the North fully cultural Longshan Mountain region is the birthplace of one of the ancient civilization. Frequent flooding of the Yellow River Basin, by the early Tarzan to escape floods, in their heart that they Taishan life, race, life based on the geographical Formed to rely on the psychological Taishan, Mount Tai's help so that the ancients have a fear, the myth has been gradually. Second, the ancients as a result of a narrow understanding of the natural world, that all the world thanks to the sun, resulting in a mysterious cult. Mount Tai Tai Hao Shaohao tribes live, "ho" in the sky there is not only the meaning of the day, less Taihao Also the title of Apollo. In order for a better day to know their respect and prayers, Alpine is the best option, as the person activities at the time of the limited scope of their activities in the region, Mount Tai is the highest mountain, "Thai" "Dai" in the ancient word In the same, are "big", is the Taishan mountain. Therefore, Hill is the nearest days, Dawenkou unearthed on the volcano's image, the image is displayed at the time of the ancient psychological, the Taishan Mountain to make this feature more to the myth.

Historically, because of their ancestors and the scope of activities in the region of Mount Tai in the first height of Mount Tai appeared to make worship Heaven This does not worship with the productivity and knowledge of the disappearance of progress, but because the ancient Chinese emperors to strengthen their rule, the same propaganda "theocracy Tianshou" theory, in order to prove this theory, it is the closure of the activities of Mount Tai Shan So that the role of the Heaven Mountain continued, the feudal rulers of this Mount Tai in the act so that kamiyama the hearts of the people to further strengthen the status and subsequently became the emperor on behalf of every life must be one of the event. Although no longer carried out after the Song Dynasty to the Feng Chan, but the cult has further expanded activities, Lai Man-free people do not know Taishan Mountain.

Shandong Taishan is located in the central part of modern science and determination, As in 25 million years ago the Earth orogeny, as the emergence of front-orogenic zone, the steep mountain Yamagata focus, together with the surrounding terrain is relatively low, so that their ancestors have hung on the Mount Tai, heavy feeling.

Gu Cheng Tai Shan "Daishan," "Zong", covering an area of 426 square kilometers, 1545 meters out. Taishan both magnificent scenery, which rise amid ups and downs, Shen He Valley, vigorous pine and cypress, waterfalls flow-ming, the four seasons changing landscape of the natural landscape, and the "rising sun" and "sea of clouds Yu Pan," "Yellow gold belt" and "sunset evening light "Ten, and other natural wonders, Hill peak from where they stand proudly, surrounded by well-known mountains are the main peak of 112, Cliff Ridge 98, 102 Valley, the peaks form the arch-dai, the magnificent mountain Taishan.

Mountain view, Shannan from east to west have Dongxi, in the river, three major Xixi Valley, North East and the West since there are large, r. Candle-day peak, three Taohua Yu Otani, six large natural valley of Mount Tai will be divided into six irregular regions, formed a well-known Taishan six spot. "You, Kuang, Austria, the show, Miao, Li" is the essence of Mount Tai Shen Xiu, it is natural that there are countless thousands of years of building workers.

Mount Tai is the natural and human landscape wonderful combination, Goldenthal Emperor Qin Shi Huang Shan who began, there have been Emperor, Emperor Guangwu, Emperor Guangwu, Emperor of Tang Dynasty, Xuanzong, Empress Wu, Shinshu of the Song Dynasty, Qing Dynasty The Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor, and so on, all the Taishan parade, leaving a lot of cultural relics. At the same time, and Taishan is the Buddha Road to teach two popular place, so the temple, famous all over the whole mountain, Mount Tai natural scenery and cultural reasons, but also attracts seekers can explore history, such as Li Bai, Du Fu Tai roaming and so on, leaving behind a lot of beautiful poems.

Taishan has a 2000 multiple Cliff stone, and its scale, quality as much as Age-old book of the whole body, which is famous both at home and abroad unmatched silent, just like Mount Tai Weiwei a national monument standing in the vast land of China, attracted worldwide attention. Taishan abundant precipitation, fruits, animals, medicinal variety of trees in the area, with the exception of Mount Tai natural growth, as the historical importance of history, Many plantation workers, so many old trees along the road. More than 100 years old and valuable trees of more than 30,000 trees, including planting of the Han Dynasty emperor of the Han Bo 6, 2100 years old has reached, and in 1300 the former Tang Huaijing, 500 years of the former Pine Point were five doctors Song, and so on.

From One point of view, the emperor to Mount Tai Feng Chan, for political purposes, people come to Mount Tai, Mount Tai is pray to bless the mother Xia Yuanjun, Buddhism and Taoism to Taishan, Mount Tai is to use the well-known to carry forward their own theories, come seekers can explore Mount Tai, Most travel for the purpose of the landscape. Therefore, they should be the pioneer of modern tourism, Taishan 987 years been recognized as World Natural and Cultural Shuangyi Chan, their credit.

Taishan culture, the concentration of ancient Chinese culture, it is worth every Chinese person's experience. In that case, the essence of this culture, what is it? Is the integration should be unified, hard-working Efforts to move forward.

Integration of unity, of Mount Tai Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism, such as the perfect fusion of cultures, such integration is a concrete manifestation of unity. The Great Hall of the People's Heroes Monument and the cornerstone of Stone Mountain is used, not only because of the quality of Stone Mountain, it also implies that the integration of a unified fine .

Hard-working, self-improvement. Porters Taishan is the best representative of that spirit, when you witness the pace they are, can we really understand what it is step by step.

Efforts to move forward, each person had Teng Tai, will be a profound experience.
Goldenthal mountain, only to see its magnificent, a deeper understanding of experience is included in the Mount Tai and the national spirit to be baptized.

By the magnificent Mount Tai is a symbol of the Chinese nation, from Sima Qian's dictum: "a natural death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather." To " Tarzan did not know "and" non-bending Taishanyading "... ..., are deepening our longing for the Mount Tai. Taishan board, like climbing the Great Wall, many Chinese people's dream.

Mount Tai is the most attractive place in the history of Mount Tai is the only Chinese emperor who Fengchan mountains. Mount Tai is also the time Buddhism and Taoism teach prosperity of the two, is on the dynasties emperors to worship Hill. Imperial dynasties went, the temple was built statues, stone inscriptions, left a large number of cultural relics. Master of Masters history Taishan also to the utmost admiration, one after another around here. Tai Shan's poetry, a tribute to history, Gough as many as 1,000 in the first one. Tai Shan walked into that entered history. Thai city from the south-west of the agency's first Jide Hill, where Artemisia Hill to come Yuhuang Ding-day, just to name a few scenic spots and historical sites, Cliff in the mountains around the stele. Daimiao, Emperor of planting cypress Cui Ying whirling; Red Gate Palace, Confucius, "Hill Goldenthal small world" feeling, wind around residual sound; back to the horse , And back before it is too late emperor's cowardice, especially now look; Cloud River Bridge, step-by-step, five of the Chi Feng Qin Shi Huang Olofsson, the thin bone Angcang; 18, Li Bai, Du Fu's history scholars, "smiling for pictures of the new Redcliffe Wing" Mexico not intended, as high winds in Utah; Xia Temple, a grand ceremony Feng Chan Chao Chao at the beginning. In addition, there Daimiao, shines , The Queen Mother of the pool, Yu Shi, Xia Temple, the Japanese concept of feng, Nan Tianmen, Yu Huangding major historical sites.

Mountain scenery is attractive Taishan, Mount Tai Junba peak, the magnificent scene in both "natural Mountain Park" and a "microcosm of the history and culture of the East." Taishan deep valley, song Man Shan, a famous scenic spot Tianzhu Feng, the concept of peak day, Baizhang Ya, fairy bridge, five Olofsson, who look loose, Longtan Fei Bao, Yun Fei Pu Bridge, Santanfeibao and so on.

You look at the four wonders of Mount Tai: Sunrise Mountain, Yu Pan sea of clouds, sunset evening light, the Yellow River with gold.

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