Sunday, January 4, 2009

Navy House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Zhen at the Navy House on the north side of the door, for the binary symmetry axis antique-style buildings, block the distribution of south, an area of 3220 square meters, construction area of 1100 square meters. The door to the south, is on the door Yang Zhen, things were built on both sides of the four-post brackets Beiting cornices, kiosks and separate the "good guys" and "filial piety" monument, opposite the word All three meters high monument, engraved monument were back on the life and Qi-Qi Jing (jiguang father) life. House navy for binary-type compound, each of the main hall into a room and the one thing, and there is a link with the gallery. Main hall, rooms are Dan Yan, glazed tile cladding, Ridge home six animals, there are not even in the gallery before the next gallery. Mountains in the main hall roof, the car Housing Xie Shan. Qi is turned into the memorial.

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