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France and China Chishan Hospital - Chinese tourism scenic spots

France and China Chishan Hospital in Shandong Province is located in Rongcheng Ishijima town south of the northern part of the Chi Shan, was built in the Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty is Jiaodong largest Buddhist temple, has a long history, destroyed after the Tang Huichang years.

Japan in 1987 academic study of eminent persons to Chishan in Rongcheng City People's Government Foreign Affairs Office Help rebuild homes France and China, has invested 200 million yuan. In the process of reconstruction, has been the higher authorities and international friends with the strong support and funding. France and China in the reconstruction of the main hospital project covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, the entire Department of the Tang-style architecture, its layout and the "Law for income Tang pilgrimage trip in mind," described in the Text. South Main Hall and take the mountain face, the middle hall has a statue of Buddha Sakyamuni, vivid style, the exquisite sculpture of the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman of the National Buddhist Association Mr. Zhao Puchu hall for the title of "Main Hall", describe.

  Datang peak, Zhang Bao Luo new candidates into the Tang Gao, a former Ning (Xuzhou today) to small and medium-sized army, he Maria martial arts, fighting bravely, by Datang will love the land, after the return of Silla, Ambassador Ren Hai town, during which he laid a \ "Silk Road on the Sea \ "Has become a well-known local maritime trade at home. In order to protect its maritime his cause of prosperity, are attracted to Chishan Lane set up the first major local temple, and invited the monks chanting. Please as a result of the first group of monks chanting the roof is sectarian, Dusong classic "Lotus Sutra", so named to the House \ "France and China Chishan Hospital \." Chishan Hospital in France and China in the Tang Dynasty famous in its heyday, there were more than 30 monks living here, food and clothing By Gao Chang should supply security. Temple incense very wang, to listen to the people through regular up to two hundred people, in order to provide temporary relief Sheng.

  Tang Hoi Sing, 2004 (839 years) in June, the Japanese yen monk Master Ren Tang and his party into the method, the guest house here two years and nine months, local officials and Buddhist monks of the concern and support, so that To understand at the time of the Tang Dynasty's political, cultural, economic, religious and other aspects of the knowledge of many, into the Tang method to take place. After returning, Master Ren-round obsession for China's huge gains, for a "pilgrimage to Tang for law firms in mind," a book on France and China Chishan Hospital was described in detail so that France and China Chishan Hospital Young at home and abroad. At the same time, in order to thank the people's deep friendship Chi Shan, Yuen Ren responsible for their disciples in Kyoto, Japan, Koyasan small to Chishan in the name of the construction of the \ "Chi Shan Buddhist Temple \."

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