Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yangjiabu folk art Grand View Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangjiabu folk art Grand View Garden, was built in May 1986, Parks kites set up plants, Folk Museum, the Museum New Year, Kite Museum, the ancient street of shops, the Museum, wrapped in dozens of scenic spots such as Taiwan. Area of 200 mu, building area of 100,000 square meters, set a kite production, printing New Year Folk travel together, the product was "Hundred Flowers Award for Arts and Crafts Shandong" and "Chinese folk art must show a silver", "Chinese export commodities fair excellent Product of the Year" and "International Kite Expo Gold" and other awards. Kite content auspicious Geely, birds, animals, insects, fish kites, and Plate, hard-winged wind , A string-type, soft-wing kites, kite making will be 350 meters long centipede leader, known as "the world" woodblock New Year is more popular, the myths and legends, folk tales, opera characters are lifelike. Every year more than Zhaocaijinbao, Liu Kai-century, but also a reflection of the working people of Look forward to a good life, and the pursuit of yearning. Grand View Garden to a kite, led New Year, the theme of folk customs, folk to carry out tourism, with its unique folk customs of the people, a strong local flavor, attracted Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, dozens of countries and regions Tourism tourists, ?????more than 25 people. Beautiful, ancient folk art of the Yangjiabu Grand View Garden, the strong local flavor, rich folk customs, folk quality of tourism services, waiting for the arrival of tourists at home and abroad. World-famous kite, the New Year, the hospitality of the folk art Yangjiabu Grand View Garden, will you Health and good luck.

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