Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shi Huang Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengshan into the scenic landscape of the first, located in the mountains as under sunny, Qin Shi Huang was in 210 BC in the East Chengshan patrol when the construction of the palace. Later, local residents in memory of Shi Huang had come here, into the temple Shi Huang. Is the only one to commemorate the National Qin Shi Huang's temple. There are day Qiandian temple Temple, Shi Huang Temple in the main hall, East Hall East Temple, the Ancestral Hall, clock tower and the stage. Hong Zhu brick hall, the air cornices, crown surface gold statue hall, an air of authority. Ancestral Hall with Emperor Guang Xu Chao Chang Northern navy patriotic general of Deng Shichang and Yu Bei Xiumiao generation, the first long-Road Xu Fu-chang emergence of the coffin to sit (Qing Archaeological finds). Tickets: Chengshan to buy tickets can be visited free of charge.

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