Sunday, January 4, 2009

Green Camel Ski Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Camel Hill Ski Resort is located in the Green City in Shandong Province and South Xihuan Lu at the junction of South Loop 200. Green Island is one of the ancient Kyushu, historical and cultural city, Green Island territory Cloud Gate Hill, Yang Tian Shan, Camel Hill, exquisite mountains, beautiful museums, such as the natural and cultural history of landscape. The camel Ski Resort for the Green Island Light beautiful country of outstanding tourist city, has added a winter leisure and resort holidays. Skiing is exposure to fresh air and quiet environment of the snow-capped mountains, the return to nature, to relax physically and mentally a very attractive outdoor winter sports. Public skiing in the early 19th century, the rise in Europe, after years of Chin, now all over the world. Camel Hill Ski Resort to invest a total of 5,000 million yuan, covers an area of more than 500 acres. Is the design of our province the largest and most advanced facilities, a full range of services to the most comprehensive winter on the project is to ease the physical and mental fitness of leisure and entertainment spots. Among them, in accordance with international standard 800 meters long, 130 m gap between high-level ski cable car Road 2; 300-400 meters of mid-level ski Road 4, designed for junior skiers length 100-250 meters of primary ski Road 3. And designed for professional skiers long 1800 meters of snow Road, a roundabout. For the full Different levels of ski lovers and children's fun skiing has opened up a special slip ring, Mara sledge, sledge dogs pull, snowman, snowball fights. Motorcycle Road steep and rugged, glacier adventure to stimulate more. Visitors can be put on ice climbing shoes km walk, climb 100 meters Hill House, no matter how you surf the more off each item you have the heart . Finland to introduce the company is equipped with high-tech snow and Germany's snow-machine Road, the advanced system overnight snow skiing had become Linhaixueyuan Road. After a day of the Winter run an ice-crushing machine in the snow-Road after the danger passed intact. Japan imported from thousands of sets of skiing Wood, skiers when we walked into the room when all the snow will be simple and generosity of Health Services to guide you towards the counter, according to the size of your feet and help you choose the size of ski boots, skis, ski stick, you put on ski boots Department of good ski better help ski stick, and then the coach under the guidance of the ski venues, coaches will guide you He skiing, ski in the process, if slipping, the Services immediately Health and lifting you, encourage you to continue to work under the guidance of the coach in you will soon be racing in the vast Xue-Hai. Snow in the room are at the top of the resort hotel-the-art equipment and comfortable environment for tea, hot and cold drink, when you need to break in The sound of music and drink a glass of hot milk, products of a excia goods south of the panoramic view of the ski, Calocedrus pines and pure white snow, snow sports Ana scene of impromptu performance artists, so you will Do not feel good music to and from, at the same time be able to accommodate more than 500 people supporting the restaurant, Chinese restaurant, and so on to allow hot fat and sleek Chang Jin delicacy. At the same time, after the snow season in the resort will become a sea of green, then you will realize that this Hua Cao, Hua Sha fun, we will make every tourist favorite nostalgia. Time to vote holidays (booking discount) weekend ticket (reservations discount) on weekdays votes (booking discount) Hours of 100 yuan 80 yuan 60 yuan 3 hours 140 120 80 yuan a day 180 yuan 160 yuan 100 yuan tickets 10 10 5 yuan more than the price includes rental of a set of ski equipment or a snow ski flying saucer and the use of Tuoqian. Waidao of skiing Cost, time consumption Over a 10-minute press time calculation.

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