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Asia Wushan scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Asia is located in Wushan Lingbao Yu-ling 25 km south of the Qinling Mountains in the small East, according to Xiao letter, Tongguan west, the Qinling back, overlooking the Yellow River, the main peak of 2156.9 meters above sea level, with a total area of 100 square kilometers, is above sea level in Henan Province The highest, the largest of the scenic spots. Fax with Wu in the Great monk, after the Wudang in Hubei Province to win here, then known as Asia Wushan. From a distance, such as the Phoenix Youth Pre-employment Training Zhu Feng, Yue Yue Fei, it is also known as Phoenix Mountain.
Wushan Asia-hung natural landscape, dangerous, extraordinary show. Oasis valley from the mountains. As if the natural deep into the galleries, gurgling springs, Xiu Qi Jing, Shi Zhengrong giant. "Welcome stone," Laughter Guests; "stone of one mind" and encouraging Tim force; peak as a bean curd into Stackable; peak crow like a rooster's Shenjing Bell herald the break of day; Walled Shiro, Shi Feng as a female lover in the sea Feelings; Legend has it that colored stone for the Sky by Nu Wa stay; "immortal basin", "celestial bed" is said to be immortal for a bath and rest areas; Wu Ya-Mountain open the charming beautiful Peony, Peony legend was the sister of Empress Wu was demoted to Luoyang when passing through the mountains, here in Wonderland obsessed with this settlement. There are, "Stone Eagle", "mushroom" and "water Cang Long," God-shaped features; rock song, wind tunnel, "Kim Zhanbai Guanyin" wonders of the eye; "Green Longtan "Heilongtan" unpredictable; "rotten wood bridge", "Ladder" and "stand up Yaozi" shocking; lock-related cross-sectional "Heaven Lake"; Sword sky locking doors; Falls hung upside down, spray snow-spreading; Bi Qingquan Flow, few fish; Song Boqi show Bitian shade; Jing Yan wild flowers, birds contend.
Sword-off Asian Wushan Wufeng eye. Dongfeng like Li Qing Yu-zhu, the sky-line; Qixiu Xifeng, it seems from Fupi; North Xiong Jun towering peaks, magnificent; South towering peaks, Rulinjiuxiao above. Standing in the very top peak, can be hand touch the sky, Fu Xingyue sleeves; overlooking the sea of clouds, such as Tao, the wave Tun mountains; East Vision Haitian sun, light Joe; South QIN Feng Wang surge, the weight stack Luan peaks; West Gu Hua Shan, distant relative; Jimu the North, such as with the Yellow River, Castle Peak faint.
Wushan Asian cultural building in the Tang Dynasty began. After the continuous expansion of the repairs are now a total of Palace View, Temple, the Court, such as the tower of the old buildings more than 30.
Folklore Wu in the Great Mountain Zhengguo Xiucheng, nostalgia as a result of sub-scenery Wushan's view, should return to Asia in June each year Wushan summer. Therefore, every year in June, the ADB should be held in Wushan grand temple.

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