Tuesday, February 3, 2009

White Dragon Temple High River scenic forests - Chinese tourism scenic spots

White Dragon Temple High River scenic forests, located in Lushi Chang Li Gou Xiang kiln in the territory, covering an area of 80 square kilometers, is by far the neighboring provinces of Henan Province and found the largest and most well-preserved virgin forests.
Its main peak pine tip l996 meters above sea level. On the summit, the Jimuyuantiao. Ye Yang, wild boar, , Musk deer, golden pheasant, and other traces of wildlife can be seen everywhere, Jinqian Bao and other large animals come and go from time to time. A total length of 18 km of the leaking oil trench, the trench White Dragon, winding paths, the High Mountain and Flowing Water, Fei Bao pools, both phase. Miter waterfall, waterfall Chuan words, words, waterfall, waterfall, and other characters such as the fog falls like magic, 10,000 kinds of style. Longtan white waterfall About 20 meters high, more than 5 meters wide, hanging above the Shek Pik, Yihong falls under the green water, clear bottom. Yamahana trench brilliant, wild fruit fragrance, "North banana" bombing in August, Ye Putao, pecan, such as Kiwi hands available, Polygonum multiflorum, Schisandra, Shan Yu, precious wild herbs such as Gastrodia everywhere to be found "According to the Inter-song moon, clear spring upper stone" beyond the realm, will be given a chance to fully experience the natural closer to return to the beauty of nature. At present, with the opening of the 209 National Highway, near the area have been completed and the family farm music more than 50 hotels to form a reception capacity of individuals and groups of tourists.

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