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Gan Mountain Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sanmenxia mt at Forest Park Sanmenxia City Shanxian kiln shop in the southern territory of the forest, 30 km away from Sanmenxia in the urban area, 28 km away from the urban area, 40 minutes by car 3A state-level tourism zone (point). Area with a total area of 3800 hectares, the highest peak 1884 meters above sea level, park animal and plant resources Sub-rich, as many as more than 1500 kinds of plants, animals and more than 20 species of forest vegetation coverage rate of over 95%. Natural scenery with a surprising show, Yan, quiet, quiet feature of the spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery varied, unique, very beautiful scenery. The main attractions are Butterfly ditch, tile iron temple, the temple founder, the Clock Tower Walled MA Wu, Dong Cui, and so on. Is developing the project are: Villa Villa mt, mt Convention Center, the National Folk Playground, mt, Kam Shan Botanical Garden, Gan Yang Luchang Hill, shooting range, the artificial lake. Sanmenxia mt Forest Park is a leisure vacation, a good place to go back to nature.

Weiwei mt (also Dry Hill, often steamed Hill) stands in the south of Xiaoshan, South barberry bird's-eye view. West Qinling, animal and plant resources are very rich in forest area of 12 hectares, nearly 3000 kinds of plants, 100 species of rare birds and animals, Manshanbianye different Feng Qi Shan, Qi Shu-Yi Cao, dense forests, brilliant Yamahana, birds Contend, gurgling streams, scenic Li Yi, Keren color.

  Mt through the vicissitudes of life rich in human culture, all over the temple, the beautiful and moving story legend. The mysterious hole Cui, towering old trees in the hope that Taiwan Township, iron towering temple tile, such as the cutting edge of the million She Shenya, Chuan's magic bell pull slot, the towering tall and straight Walled MA Wu, colorful Butterfly Valley microphylla range of beautiful scenery and so on, really: hole monument, the temple, Hall of Warburg, the peak, cliffs, Chai, Ling God in Wonderland. "Flowers are surrounded by mountains, the ever-present birds a year."

Park is rich in resources of animals and plants, as many as in the more than 1500 kinds of plant species, the oldest to the "Millennium Tree ", although the changes after the millennium, but still Climb, green and luxuriant; 500-year old Yang Ju Henan, Henan has been the title of crown of poplar Populus, the most interesting thing is hollow inside the tree can accommodate 4 people playing cards, not only the sun And wind. Jinqian Bao of the park, antelope, deer, and so on more than 110 kinds of wild animals, not only Beautiful mt to maintain the ecological balance, but also adds vitality.

Mt's forest coverage reached 95%, known as "forest bath, Tianranyangba." Mt of the spring and summer season are looking hole green, especially in the summer season, the temperature in the urban areas than in the low temperature of about 70C It lived on the complexity of the lively city with great people, no doubt the temptation, 40 minutes to enjoy the cool air heat.

  Mt of the most beautiful autumn season to a few, in late September each year to 10 months, Gan Man Po Shan mountain is covered with red leaves all, is to make stained-storied, such as the sunset, such as the rainbow, like Dan stream, Colorful picture. The depth of winter snow season, mt-wrapped, it is enchanting.

You mt the best place to go is up to 156 kinds of butterflies evolved well-being of their homes - Butterfly Valley. If the abundant rainfall, the annual June-August, the colorful butterflies dancing in the Valley, every day, all my Yidong "Die Lianhua."

In 2004, Kam Shan National Forest Park, the new national village every day from the display shows the Yunnan Dai, Aini family, Yao, Wa, Myanmar's long-necked people, black teeth and so on more than a dozen ethnic minorities Pavaner, S cattle, and other ethnic dance and ethnic dance costumes, handicrafts, etc. Mt 84 peaks, which rise amid permanent peaks. Mannan main peak and peak-Feng Cui, Feng Han, Sianfong together, Guangwu, and other peaks towering Tzu-Feng Wei-hung, magnificent. Peak to stand, look, you might see, thousands of panoramic scenery, Sanmenxia City, 9 of the Yellow River faintly visible, it is refreshing.

  Gan Four Seasons is very attractive scenery. Tulv million trees in the spring, flowers are put Jing, Feng Fei Splendor, Yingti bird Bird; summer Lin vast, white clouds, blue sky, Pinnacle mountains, gurgling water; the fall of Hong Kong in Full, to make stained-storied, Danfengliuxia, Cangshan sea of clouds; winter Lin Yin Jia Phi, cliff hanging ice, snow-wrapped, particularly Rao demon.

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