Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Niangniang Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Niangniang girl, also known as Shan Shan, located in the small eastern end of the Qinling Mountains. Niangniang on the Hill has a beautiful legends. Legend has it that Han, a foot of Li and two women, marriage and, equipped with optional For the mother, refused to end, Muyue: husband to the woman home, not those who never marry. Hill said, referring to two women: that is, my husband also. Hill then fled , Emerged after his mother left-kai, often powerful and widely rain falling for the benefit of the people and therefore the family, also known as Hill. For thousands of years, the legendary mountain Niangniang in widespread civil many touching stories of miraculous, so that Niangniang Hill to become the eyes of the people of western Henan Kamiyama. Peak Niangniang Temple, the tomb of Huang, fishing, and other children removed Landscape Left a very rich human stories, in order to put on the Hill Niangniang mystery.
Hill Niangniang 6 is divided into 29 major scenic spots, "Qinling sledge", an ancient King Lingbao one of the two. Niangniang risk in the hills near the main peak of the saddle, the ending climbers foot wide stone threshold of the non-Ying Chi, deep under the Provisional thousand Ren In addition, mountain breeze swept over the ear, the risk of carp back as Huangshan, Huashan shining ear of the cliff. Niangniang Shan mountain integrity, narrow ridge Jun Qiao, Jianqiao the towering peaks standing, when they see straight Shan-chu, Heng Kong born stone wall, between the towering clouds. In the air in the vicinity of 1136 meters above sea level, there is a huge turtle-shaped Millennium, covered tortoise, The first totally natural, perfect rows, turtle, toward the glans toward Niangniang Temple Mount, known as the "Herbie pilgrimage." Xifeng independent, the wind has become a huge body of granite stone monkey-day outlook, the first weight-bearing turtle, dragon fly, and so form a variety of landforms, uncanny workmanship, well that very aesthetic. Niangniang Hill Canyon landform Special education, mostly V-valley, the Valley clear spring, flowers Lam, Rulin in Wonderland, there is a well-known spring Xiaolongtan, Stephen Ma plane, the Longtan black, white, and so on more than 10 Longtan Department.
Niangniang Mountain-hung is 1556.12 meters of the main board Fengfeng Britain, East Jimu Vision, Lingbao high-rises, such as the flow of people and vehicles; South Pinghu, the Meteorology Series, the narrow mouth like a piece of green jade inlaid reservoir in between the mountains; West queue snow walls, granite guarded barriers to form a splendid view of the semi-Fei Liu stone waterfall; fruit bird's-eye view North Sea, the ancient plateau Hongnong green and luxuriant, more Spring Yellow, Manshanbianye, plus 6 million mu of Song Bolin, Huang Xiang muscle, structured, it is Relaxed and happy, to make access to the vicissitudes of life of the new ecstasy Tao Ran feelings.

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