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18 group (the Eighth Route Army) military depot Sheng Chi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sheng Chi Cheng Guan Sheng Chixian military depot located in the small town Guan Village. 1938 11 18 menstrual Comrade Zhu De armed group to sign documents, three appointed by Liu Xiang authorities to negotiate with the KMT after the founder of our party and our army of public agencies.
Resident military depot in three: a country is to close 310 small Village Road, with military depot Office, warehouse, soldiers and their families home, the military depot private room; the second county in Dongguan, who is now 93 Main Street, open sea of a house in (the old Chi Sheng Liu Shaoqi); the third town in Dongguan are Lu Hai 000 North Street house 29 years (that is, the Chinese Communist cadres in western Henan recorders to expand the former site of the meeting).
Anti-Japanese War as a military depot pool party to the army headquarters of the Eighth Route Army Taihang Mountains, a large number of anti-Japanese front-line delivery of military supplies sent to extend the revolution to the Holy Land of Yan'an, in North China, East China, Jiangsu and other places of a large number of cadres and progress of students is Tong All over the country to transport hubs in the world. In 1938, the party's Sixth Plenary Session , Liu Shaoqi (not his real name was Hu Fu) from Xi'an, Yan'an, as the Eighth Route Army to the Office of the Sheng Chi, on Dec. 20 at the military depot Sheng Chi held a "Chinese expansion in western Henan special committee meeting of cadres," to convey implementation of the Sixth Plenary Session of the spirit. After the meeting also organized two training courses Party, to attend training classes to learn the party comrades are more than 80 Liu Shaoqi in the training class for the first time for the party within the party preach a shining page in the annals of its political masterpiece "On the cultivation of party members."
In late November 1938, Deng Xiaoping, Yang Shangkun and other leading comrades from Yan'an to the Sheng Chi military depot, and the resulting North Duhuang He, too rushed to the front line, November 21, 1939 International well-known doctor Dr. Basu rate of India Aid to China in the Sheng Chi medical team to stay two days, military depot, escorted by the military depot sent too rushed to the front line. Zhu De, Peng Dehuai comrades have intervened personally to guide the work of military depot.

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