Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gu Qin Zhao League City, Taiwan, South-West Mianchi Xian is located 1 km, in water Sheng, Yang River confluence of Taiwan on the ground.
According to the "Historical Records Lian Po Lin Hsiang-ju's biography," recorded when Zhaoxiang Wang Qin (282 BC-280 BC), Qin Zhao Bing Gong made three times, and not yield to defeat Zhao. Qin Zhao to conquer, to open Political and diplomatic struggle. In 279 BC, the Qin Emperor Wen Zhao told Zhaoxiang Wang sent, in order for the good of the two countries and the two sides will be in the pool Sheng League. Accompanied by Zhao Wang went to the doctor on Zhao Lin. Qin and Zhao Wang will drink, coercion Zhaowangguse and historian to remember the history of Ru Qin, Zhao Wang so that was very embarrassing. , Appeared solemn and Lin Qiang and Qin Please hit pottery, Zhao also historian who recorded the history of Zhao. Qin refused to accept the official, threatening to cut Zhao Qin birthday to the city, 15, also forced requested Lin Qin Zhao Wang to cut capital Xianyang birthday. This tit-for-tat, tongue lip gun sword until the end of the banquet, the King of Qin also failed to win any less, Zhao Wang was with the make up. As an indication of dormant and stop the war, the two soldiers holding weapons buried in soil to show friendship, then will UNITA into the high-profile.
In the long history, the League will vicissitudes of Taiwan, history continually repair. In 1941 the Kuomintang Army Medical Jin Guo Chang presided over the prison, Wei Lihuang, Zhang Shizhao AU-sponsored religious Taiwan again. Taiwan was a three-dimensional trapezoid, surrounded by the stone block, a cone-shaped monument erected at the top of the tower, inscribed to the east of Pucheng Kou Lishu ya, "the ancient Qin Zhao UNITA Taiwan," the six characters, the rest is engraved on three sides of Zhang Shizhao, "Tang made more Lin Jing ", as well as legislation Ciyi Shou-huang, Guo Chang Jin Zun write their own" rehabilitation of Zhao Qin UNITA Taiwan in mind And the "reconstruction of the Taiwan League will remember." Unfortunately, these have been building damage.
The existing Council Taiwan UNITA Mianchi Xian People's Government in 1985 was the original deposit remains on the basis of the re-construction. Ting Ding horizon to 22 meters high, 14 meters high. The two things build 52 level. Pavilion on the stage 8 meters high, two-tier system Kok Tiaoyan steeple-building style of the ancients. Middle of the pavilion erected a stele of the Quartet, to the west to "repair the ancient Qin Zhao Taiwan tablets", north, east and south on three sides were well-known Chinese calligrapher with Shu, Chu plans and South Xiaolao the inscription. Taiwan's AU will be built to enable ancient rejuvenation of Taiwan, Feng Zi again. "Taiwan's AU setting sun," Sheng Chi is the first of eight.

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