Tuesday, February 3, 2009

North Pingkai site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North second tone at the site of Lingbao in Henan Province Town Pingkai second tone of the West Village, 500 meters, a Neolithic site.
Near the site 5 km long from north to south, east 300 to 500 meters wide, "Zhang Jie ten." Explore 320 square meters area and found Hui Keng 27, 5000 before the Yang Hui Keng period of 24 months, the Western Zhou Hui Keng 3, 5 to explore ancient tombs, of which Yangshao period of two tombs of the Warring States tombs 3, to explore the house during the Yangshao 3, found in a variety of pottery, stone tools, 100,000 number of bone, flat terracotta pots, small mouth bottles at the end of a sharp, coarse ash Tao Gang, and so on, belongs to Yang Joe and the Longshan culture.
North Pingkai ruins piled up thick, rich culture, with the main types of Miao Digou, Yangshao culture with advanced features of the center is to explore the origins of Chinese civilization key areas.

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