Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yang Liandi Bridge and the memorial of martyrs Yang Liandi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yang Liandi bridge is located in Shanxian Guanyin Town Hall between the rural and Kip Stone, 48 m high bridge, 172.5 meters long, the Longhai railway line is the highest bridge, the Longhai railway linking East and West is the key to the project. In 1921 by France, Britain, Belgium, engineers designed Three, four years into. During the War of Liberation Democratic Party will be the army blew up the bridge, leaving only 5 bridge pier. In 1949, for the liberation of the Northwest, ordered to repair the railway corps, due to backward technology, low in the sky can only depend on the human operations, and may be destroyed at any time. Local farmers said that "on the 8th top, top on the 8th, missed out into a cake; side on the 8th, on the 8th end of the bridge God. "Yang Liandi railway corps of a detachment of soldiers in order to create a single dauntless spirit of the ladder, climbed up to take the lead in more than 40-meter-high bridge piers for the bridge repair for a time. For this reason, Yang Liandi won the" hero high ". U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, China to participate in Yang Liandi People's Volunteers. In May 1953, Qingchuan Jiang repair the bridge when the glorious sacrifice. Chinese People's Volunteers bodies for his leadership of the Principal WORM gong, awarded the title of a hero, naming his company as "Yang Liandi even." He also was awarded "Hero of the Republic of North Korea," the title, there was a gold medal medal of the national flag. China's Ministry of Railways will be on the 8th Bridge "Yang Liandi Bridge", in the west and the north side of the monument set up Yang Liandi. 14.5 m high monument, the monument under the wide and narrow body, positive for the trapezoid, the surface of the monument inscribed "Yang Liandi Martyrs Monument" in red Chinese characters. Monument face toward the railway in order to pay respect to the visitors in the past.

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