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Jiulong Dong Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Jiulong Dong Lushi County, 60 km southwest of rural two-tree in the territory. Legend for a long time ago, Guan Zhu Yang Du's shop is home to a member of DU, he called one daughter Runyu. Although Du members outside Jiacaiwanguan, but less greedy, heartless. Miss Run Yu Huarongyuemao long, brilliant, is known far and near Regardless of Qiao . His father, and the difference is that Miss Du is a good kind of girl.
Miss Du eighteen-year-old in the winter of that year, a member of the same clan to help her sister-in-law in a small river washing clothes, all of a sudden the river to float a huge bright red peach. Gusao two Tuirang each other, and finally Miss Du will be eating peaches. Since eating a peach After Miss Du does not think of eating, growing thinner, Du members think outside the daughter of the disease, diagnosis and treatment of doctor, only to have been pregnant daughter in the body. Du members outside the direct Qiqiaoshengyan anger, his daughter will play Bianti injuries for the preservation of reputation, must include his daughter will be buried alive.
Miss Du and sister-in-law were rescued by villagers, fled to the scores of the night A boulder outside the cave, and sister-in-law by villagers on a rotational basis to bring food. Sister-in-law on this meal delivery to the Cave, Miss Du was found in a pool of blood, body Hengqishuba climb to the nine small snake. Miss that she is dead, the tears back to the villagers, no one from delivering meals to go.
In fact, and Miss Du There are dead, and that it is the small snake 9 of 9 Lung Health. Nine dragons become more grown up, and people often language, respect for his mother as "Our Lady of Kowloon", said the biological Zhidong "Jiulong Dong."
Jiulong Dong Shihmen Reservoir is located in the upper reaches of the east coast at the foot of tens Qingfeng Department. Hole 3 meters wide, 2 meters high, about 5 meters deep, said "Xiandian", is slightly ahead, people have to practice, a few meters after the Gochang gradually, there is water in the ground, tens Department has a pool, Stephen shares. Water outflow from the lower part of the Cave outside. Tam around the stone, a platform, there are still on their eight-called "nine studio floor." A very deep hole, monensin poor people of their source. Many different rock inside the cave, or squat Or suspension, different patterns. There are odd holes trees bloom every year different, the experts, the Department of Kenan tree, was born in the south, not north. Since the spring water poured out of holes under the spray flying, flow stability, do not dry up all the year round, Ganlie extremely clear, high-quality mineral water system tests.
Great Jiu Longdong is a legend color A large cave, and in the vicinity of Xian Jia-dong, Laojun hole, and other components of a set of common characteristics of great mountains, water, scenic hole.

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