Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Xing will Gudu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xing will cross the Yellow River is the famous one of the three major Gudu, 6 km in the urban areas in the north of the Office of the south bank of the Yellow River will be Xing Zhen, Lu Ping, Shanxi and the north shore of Mao Jindu across the river. As a result of an ancient Shan Zhou Ping Lu, the history, collectively referred to as Mao Jindu. Canyon cross-strait confrontation, calm water, beautiful scenery.
Xing will be crossing dangerous terrain , Is the ancient western Henan, Shanxi supplies of water channels and the exchange of military. In 658 BC, false Jin Yu Guo out by Mao Jindu to cross the river to the south, and win a victory in one fell swoop. In 624 BC, the Qin from the North ferry cutting Jin. Eastern Han Dynasty, Liu Han Xiandi-nation Association of this north fled in panic. Tang Dynasty, "On the history of "Tang Su-subcontractors for by Huihe 3,000 soldiers, and thus into the Central Plains. Revolution, Qin Long Fu Yu Han-jun two east, near the ferry in fierce fighting with the Qing. During the War of Liberation War of Resistance Against Japan and the I was crossing the transfer of party members on the ground floor, to preserve the revolution's main strength. August 22, 1947 Chen Xie in the army of Mao Jindu Jiyuan and the long cross-chuen, by the "oil" to cross the river, crossing for three days and three nights. Well-known in the history of Shanxi Lu salt, which also ferry.
After the liberation, will rebuild after several cross-hing, the Yellow River has become the largest mobile one of the ferry ship. "Jin Mao night crossing" Ancient Eight Shan Zhou One. General non-night crossing of the Yellow River, emergency, but here is the night of the crossing. Night, the boatman, son shouted, in Jiazhou Zhuolang in advance. Flashing lights flickering on board, the boat people's inner tension, Cijing at this time, in the Yellow River is the soul-stirring, it is difficult to see.

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