Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shan Zhou ancient city sites - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shan Zhou site of the ancient city, located in the western end of Sanmenxia in the urban area of 3 kilometers of scenic areas in Shan Zhou. Shan Zhou is a city of the ancient city, there are ancient, "surrounded by water on three sides by mountains, the city-Yan Shu-Tien City," said. Zhouwen Wang's younger brother called the public has the town seal, and Christians under a tree in the Kom Tong Hall, the people of their sense of morality, to build Memorial Hall, it is also known as the Shan Zhou Gan The old rule. Now the city of Sanmenxia Juma Keng museum has called Shibei Ancestral Hall, the public response spreading love, Kom Tong Hall, and other ancient tablets.
According to historical records, ancient city built in the Western Han Shan Zhou Jing Di years ago more than 2,000 years of history, when a large-scale, the situation Xianyao. History of the famous battle of Xia and Shang, Zhou called sub-Shan Leave out of Guo Yu, Qin Jin war story, and so on, are testimony to this. After successive Bingshi frequent destruction of the city many times, many times, the rehabilitation has been a county, the county seat of the government. As the access is located in the Central Plains area of the throat, the rulers of great importance for the history, is the vital importance military rulers to send more staff to go-getters from the treatment. Tang Li Shimin in the year 637 AD in spring travel Shan Zhou, Tang Vision tower down field, see a boat back to the Bi-up, dense haze Tsui, Fang Fei Hung spot, Xiu-Hua Yanagawa, made for the articles life, "Shan Zhou Yong." After the emperor, Han Yu, Du Fu, Liu Gong, Po Chu, Li Shang-yin, Liu Yuxi, Du Mu, and other politicians in the Song Dynasty, as well as Sima Guang Wang, Jin, Ming and Qing Dynasty, many noble-minded literati have been in this tour. Taiwan Shangguan Yi Tang Shi Lang, the former residence of Zhao Rong Tong Shangguan Dongbei Yu Shangguan Lane in the city, the Northern Song Dynasty poet Wei Ye Cottage in the east of the Three Mile Bridge. Story is crossing the sun, is the North Beach Kam million, the city has Selenastrum Hill, Drum Tower 10 minutes, Po Temple, Confucian Temple, Guan , Yu Temple, the Ancestral Hall Zhao, Stephen GAMA, such as the stone arches of the old buildings. Lan Hong Sanmenxia Dam in 1960, the city is located in Shan Zhou due to the deep library of the original design of the dam inundation areas, the relocation of all residents, so that this becomes an open space. Has now been opened up for the scenic, ancient city of Shan Zhou's outline of the vaguely discernible, Po Temple, Shi Square has been the protection of monuments and rehabilitation.

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