Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yan Ling Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yan Ling Guan Shan Xian is located in the southeast and rural palace garden at the junction of the former township, from the Sanmenxia City, about 28 km. Yan Ling Guan said Nanling Spring and Autumn Period, Northern Wei Tang, also known as xiao West. Zhu Shan near, it was "Shui Jing Zhu" has documented thousands of Xiaoshan, called xiao plate. Xiao, Yan sound of the word rhyme with the past, the suspect whose real name is Guan Yan Ling Ling Xiao Guan, because the people circulating around town, said Yan Ling Guan for.
  Yan Ling Guan points for the Shan Qin's throat briefly, about the width of 200 meters, 30 meters wide narrowest point. Crossing 851 meters above sea level. Junba steep cliffs on both sides, hung quite dangerous terrain. Ling Yan Ping Shan crossing south-east ring for the first two xiao Zhu Shan. Weather board at a time when peak, East Point Luoyang deceive Sichuan Such as tobacco, Vision West Xiyue Huashan faintly visible. River, the Yellow River winding Siyu with the North and the South. According to Luo Xia night, embraced the Xiaoshan Zhu Feng, such as the turmoil of a very spectacular.

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