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Hangu Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hangu Guan is the history of our country to build the first Xiongguan one of the fortress, as in the valley, such as deep-risk letter, the Hangu Guan said. Here was a horse neighing of the ancient battlefield, known as "Kazuo when Kwan, Fu Moke million." Here is our ancient thinkers, philosophers Laozi writing five thousand words, "Dao De Jing". Thousands Over the years, many at home and Taoism are on a pilgrimage here to worship.

  Hangu Guan Lingbao in Henan Province is located 15 kilometers north of the village of Wang stack, from the Sanmenxia City, about 75 km, is located in the "Chang'an Road", close to the shore of the Yellow River. Because in Canyon, such as the risk of deep named after the letter.

  Hangu According to the highlands of the West, not east Jian, south Qinling Mountains in the north side of the Yellow River, China's first build Xiongguan one of the fortress. Founded in the Spring and Autumn, is to Luoyang East, west of the Changan throat, known as "open days Hangu Guan Zhuang, shock-million dust and air to the north," "Great River towering peaks, a battlefield since ancient times Hangu "Said Ancient vital importance for the military. Shen Zhou Jing Wang for three years, Chuhuai Wang Ju's six-nation Faqin division, according to Qin Hangu natural barrier, so that the six-nation army, "a million dead, bleeding organizations drift." Six of the First Qin Emperor, Chu, Zhao, the five countries, including Wei Qin guilty of the armed forces, "to Hangu, were defeated." "Liu Xiang Yu Shou Guan refused", "Shih" Tang Jun The rebels, "World War Taolin", the Chinese army in 1944 and Japan's military aggression, "Han Guguan World War II," are here.

  Hangu Guan is not only an important military area but also the hinterland of ancient Central Plains and Northwest cultural and economic exchanges between the points. The clearance around the city re-circulating " Gas to the East "," Lao clearance "," Jiminggoudao, "" Kung-sun white horse "," Gai Yuan emperor, "the story of history and legend, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, the emperor, Sima Qian, Li Bai, Du Fu and Bai Ju-yi, Sima Guang, such as the history of noble-minded celebrity Pro Yinshizuofu customs, have so far been more than 100 articles.

  State AAA-class tourist attractions Hangu Guan Ancient Culture and Tourism Zone, located in Henan and Shaanxi provinces at the junction of Shanxi, Henan Province, the west gate of the territory of Lingbao, the area of 16.5 square km area, the main attractions are beginning Palace Road, Shing Temple, the Taoist Health Park, Canon Floor, looking purple floor, cock Taiwan, Forest of Stone Tablets, Wax Museum, museums, customs building, letter Road more than 20.

Hangu Guan is a great thinker of ancient China, the Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu writing school mountains masterpiece, "Dao De Jing", the Holy Land of Hope Valley, the birthplace of Taoism culture; ancient West to Chang'an, the east of Luoyang Tongqu throat, the Central Plains culture and the culture of Qin Jin To the intersection; is a thousand Phone-in will be the occasion, the military will fight the strategic fortress, East Ziqi, cock letter, and other related historical stories and legends of the land Faren. In the long course of history, famous people here (Lao), books ( "Virtue"), were related (Hangu Guan) Liu-fang history, the sound broadcast overseas.

The military has a long history text Hangu Guan was built in the Spring and Autumn on the occasion. "In the valley, such as the risk of deep named after the letter. Xiaoshan from the east, west tong Tianjin, Tongminghangu, known as a natural barrier" ( "Ci Hai"). Xiao you Han Guguan hold the throat, the value range to the west, not east Jian, according to the South Qinling Mountains in the north near the Yellow River, Xianyao terrain, narrow roads Known as "non-party rail car, horse and does not bridle." "World peace in mind" in the "north of the city with its rivers, mountains and the south, weeks Wuli back more than 40 step-by-step, high-Er Zhang." City grand-scale clearance, clearance floor again and again rely Pik gold, which is located in the center of the peach Lince, Xiaoshan Road letter of the throat, known as "open days Hangu Guan Zhuang, vancomycin scared to dust Air "(Don? Places Hu Shi)," River peaks too high, since ancient times Hangu a battlefield "(gold? Willing Xin Shi)," Kazuo when Kwan, Kai-Fu Mo million, "said. Shen Zhou Jing Wang for three years ( In 318 BC) Chu, Zhao Wei, Han, Yan Faqin the five countries, according to Qin Han Guguan natural barrier defeated the army of the six countries. Qin Shi Huang 2006 (Public 243 years ago), Chu, Zhao Wei, Han, Wei Faqin Five, "to the letter of clearance, are defeated." Qin Mo Chu-Han War, Liu Xiang Yu had Shou Guan to block attacks. Tang, "Shih", the officers and soldiers and rebels in the pre-clearance for the famous World War Taolin. Since the Spring and Autumn since two thousand years or so, after the Han Guguan Hung hegemony, the struggle between Chu-Han, Huang Chao, Li peasant uprising, as well as the Revolution, the Anti-Japanese War, the War of Liberation War Lang Yan, whether Zhuluzhongyuan or aggressive clearance, Hangu Guan has been the battleground of the strategic .

Lao Tzu's extensive and profound culture

  Laozi is Country late Spring and Autumn outstanding thinker, statesman, philosopher and writer, is not only the founder of the Taoist school of thought theory was later Taoist teaching as their ancestors, but also the hundreds of pre-Qin enlightening. His book "Dao De Jing", that is, "Lao Zi", is the world's cultural treasure trove of treasures. Since the "Dao De Jing" World Bank, senior officials from the emperor, Lai Man-down to the common people, all of this classic has a great enthusiasm for research. According to incomplete statistics, there are historical records of more than 1800 kinds of up version. Not only in the far-reaching impact on the domestic, but also in the seventh century AD Sanskrit to be spread abroad, spread to Europe and the United States in the 18th century, After sweeping the world gradually. Well-known German philosopher Hegel once said: "Chinese philosophy and the other in specific groups ... ... as it is based on speculative characteristics. Faction of the main concept of this is that this is rational. This philosophy were in close contact with the philosophy of life The play is the way of Lao Tzu. "French philosopher Nietzsche said: "Dao De Jing" is like a never-dry thirst of the Jing-quan, filled with treasures, learn the lay down their barrels at hand. "Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan in his 1987 State of the Union, it has quoted Lao Tzu," Governing a big country if small cooking fresh, "explained the well-known to his strategy for running the country. Lao ideological breadth and depth, and rich, involving sky, All aspects of the people in the political, economic, military, arts, ethics, health and other fields have unique insight and wisdom of the Guang-yan.

Lao research ideas into a world class cultural phenomenon. Britain, France, the United States and Japan more than 40 countries in the "Dao De Jing", the translation of "Dao De Jing" This has reached more than 600 species, of which the Japanese writing up more than 330. "Dao De Jing" in Hangu Guan-cheng, Hangu Guan truly become the birthplace of Taoism culture. October 20, 2002, the China Taoist Association, Yuxi Road Min Zhiting for the Hangu Guan wrote the name of the tourist areas, "Taoism and the source of the" four .

Liufangqiangu scenic spots and historical sites

  1, Guan City site. No deposit building. According to textual research for the city of Hangu Guan Guan irregular rectangular, with long, round, flat rammed rammed into play. 1800 meters long east wall, west wall 1300 meters long, south wall more than 180 meters long. With the basic history of the site Match record.

  2, Hangu Guan Guan House East Gate. Customs House, the original no longer exists, now see the merits of the 992-year old started the construction of the building.

  Customs House, South and the North East Gate of long-term employment 71.2 meters, 21.5 meters high, were concave, sitting west to east, control of the main customs clearance. Customs House for Two-door top-floor three-county building, the roof decorated with a Danfeng, it is also called the "Tan Fung House."

  3, Hangu Road. Wang Jian farmers from the East West Bank, East Gate of Hangu Guan, customs across the city to the west, from the village of Wang pile of fruit groove, the Yellow River valley, Langpi to ditch old Kuwata (now the San thick), the total length of 15 km, this is The only thing channel. In a deep valley 50 - 70 meters, 10 meters wide around the corner, the Department has only a narrow 3-meter, the banks severe Valley 40 - 80 degrees, the bottom has the same winding roads, narrow and rugged, deep Valley, which the People's Bank of China, such as income In the letter, customs on both sides of the Road, cliffs Dou Qi, Feng Yan Lin, dangerous terrain, and Awe-inspiring. Hangu Guan said in ancient books "regardless of rail cars, and do not saddle horse," "East and a Ni Wan Feng Hangu." In recent years, a village of farmers working in the field, had excavated an ancient human bones found in his possession a dozen arrows, identified by the cultural relics department, was found in his possession Jiancu of the Warring States period for the products, can be seen at the time of war Spot.

  4, Pit Arrow Warring States Treasury. Hangu is located in East magnetic door on the right side of the lower end of the wall, a diameter of 0.9 m shaft kiln-point weapons warehouse in July 1986, when the Warring States is Shou Guan officials of the Arrow weapons storage library. Well Storing a library as an arrow, placed inside the ethnic Yi Kunkun Arrow, about 1 cubic meter The arrow is copper, iron shaft is very light, rust has been together, not separately. Arrow this library to study weapons of the Warring States dynasty has provided an important basis.

  5, Yinxiguzhai site. Legend has it that Yinxi for the home. Yinxi, the Spring and Autumn Period, know-Sky, who make Hangu Guan Guan. He was legend The Lao reception. Tang Kaiyuan 19 years (AD 741 years) Chen joined the army Tin Palace with the show (Taolin County) pledges for the emperor, made into the Emperor Xuanzong said heavy magic in it Hanguyinxi room, Xuanzong Jiqian people to dig, dig really have to " Panacea, "Xuanzong rejoicing, thinking of Lao Tzu is a gift from him, then the year" Yuan "to" Tianbao. "

  6, cock-Taiwan, also known as Tian Taiwan. Idiom "Jiminggoudao" story took place here. Taiwan's reconstruction of the cock is the legend was Tian customers high-school cock port.

  7, Qi Wang of Taiwan, also known as purple-looking floor. Legend is Hangu Guan Yin Xi Guan make a long-term perspective, Theater Review place. "Ziqi East to" find their origin in this idiom. Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu, "Qiu-lan," the poem "Seomang down the Queen Mother of the Jade Pool, East Ziqi to full clearance letter" sentence. After the commemoration of man-made him put a long-term perspective Yinxi of soil named Hill: Taiwan air look. Tang, when the construction of the above ten feet high by 3 "Bringing the Purple House" In the House, destroyed by years Binghuo. Now we can see that in recent years, the construction of the antique building.

  8, beginning palace. Hangu Guan Gate East is located on the right side. Legend has it that Lao Tzu greeted Hangu Guan Yin Xi, the division ceremony to ask for their book Lao Zi, Lao Tzu wrote in the "Dao De Jing" five thousand words. This implies A wealth of books on the great influence on later generations (there are also considered to be descendants of the people asked for). To commemorate this, the Lao people will be in place by the beginning of construction of the palace, was a Taoist temple.

  Palace beginning for the classical-style building temples. Hall of ridges and gable plastic canopy on the edge of a unicorn, lion, tiger, chicken, dog, such as Jane Animals, both God-shaped. Dianding fly vertical and horizontal beam, rafter purlin vary, although the complexity of the roof frame, but into self-rule, wide temples, and no chu up. History set, beginning palace was built in Western Zhou Dynasty. Gong Zhu beginning of the existing hall was built in Tang Dynasty before, Yuan, Ming and Qing generations have Xiurong. Stone Temple of the existing two-hospital, a stand-Dade million four years A stand-ching Junji years, above all records of Lao Tzu riding NIU Green had Hangu Guan's story.

  9, Des Hangu folder. Lingbao is located 17 km north of the city's Old Village Mengcun small-ri, north of the ancient Han Guguan about 2 km. Des folder appearance as gun turret, brick, Shing Mun-building. Inside and outside the sub-two-door Outside the gate, brick inscribed, "Des Hangu folder" 4. Shing Mun on the second floor of the Department of Xieshan Ding-floor, 1.40. In addition to the north side of the roof and some parts were damaged, basically intact, according to the identification of the existing building on behalf of the Ming and Qing Dynasty rehabilitation.

  10, Forest of Stone Tablets in Hangu. Forest of Stone Tablets in the construction of Hangu in 1988 , Forest of Stone Tablets 100 meters long from north to south, east 40 meters wide, covers an area of 4000 square meters, 62-stone. One only has to collect from all over the Lingbao of Bricks, such as the Song of the monument of the legal system, the earthquake monument in the Tang Dynasty, Yang's brother Yang Zhongsi Epitaph of the monument, Li Bu Shang Ming Dynasty Ms. Xu Tianguan Epitaph of the monument, and so on, And there are also modern and contemporary masters of calligraphy writing celebrity Hangu Guan recite poetry of the new monument, such as: Kang Yu-wei in the Qing Dynasty to the county at the time of Lingbao banners written in stone, Li Xiangyang prototype pen tablet, such as text.

  There are three in the history of Hangu Guan, said that in addition to the above, the Spring and Autumn period of Hangu Guan Jian Guan (now known as Qin Guan , There are Han Guan Wei and Guan.

  Han Guan, Xin'an County in Henan Province in this 500 meters, 150 km east of Qin Guan. According to Chi Lingbao records, since the rise of the Han Dynasty, for GUANZHONG Royal Park, east of Hangu Guan said outside the customs. People have their own customs people are proud of. Ship Building, General Yang servant, Hangu origin New County to the east, that he was kept closed to outsiders, he is deeply unhappy, they do at home to donate funds, in the Han Yuan Di three years (AD 184 years) in the new City County also revised from a majestic city, it said Han Han Guguan it. With this new clearance, it Yeung has become a servant of the people in customs. Chinese customs has long been abandoned and now the only To close the site.

  Wei Guan, Lingbao is located 20 km north-east, away from the Qin Guan, about 5 km. Legend has it that the three countries, Zhang Lu Cao Cao review of the West, Ma Chao, in order to rapidly transfer food-bing, life, where Xuchu dug tunnels, built Customs House, not far from Qin Guan, so Shinseki said. This morning and later became the east of Luoyang, Chang received a major transportation route. Anti-Japanese War when the tower was destroyed Binghuo, the site for the Sanmenxia reservoir submerged, it is only to stay and beacon towers Road site.

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