Friday, November 28, 2008

Bi-old Tianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bi-old at the Tianchi Zhongdian Zhongdian County, a small rural village inside the joint, 51 km from the county seat, to an altitude of 3500 meters, covering an area of 0.21 square kilometers. The average water depth of 1.62 meters, the depth of about 3 meters. Bi-old Tibetan Tianchi "Chu Zhang", which means small lake of Italy, and Pitt sell their livestock, was named Bi-old ?. Radius around the lake for more than 30 square kilometers covered by primeval forest before. Tall and straight for more than fir, spruce, around the lake is covered with a rhododendron forest, is more HUANG rhododendron, azalea red and white azalea, Corolla large, bright color. Flowering in June to Zhongdian by the end of July, the occasion of the season, Lake Huajin Cucu, the group spent dispute , Very beautiful. Lake on the northern slope of nearly mu primrose rhododendron, flower color was pink and purple. Flowering in late May to early June, a smaller tree primrose rhododendron, anywhere derivatives, rich color, light and delicate fragrance. People's Bank of China which, like walking on the carpet color, you might see around, but see the four stifled Hill, quiet bursts From assail the nostrils, there are extraordinary people feel refined. Lake is the southern marsh areas, water problems, many wild birds, is the Huang Ya, duck, black-necked cranes, and so an ideal habitat for waterfowl. Lake has a heart of the oval-shaped island, on the island for more than rhododendrons, tree height between 1.5 to 2 meters. Legend has it that the island has two yellow azalea Huang Ya is a one-to-many situation of the change in a year from 6 to 9, there are groups of Huang Ya, a small island habitats, breed on the island. Bi-color Tianchi ancient jade, crystal clear bottom. Quiet environment, inspiring area of natural. Tianchi May to August each year is the golden season. This season, Meadow Lake, Green Grass, Wild flowers, such as gentian, Baochun, Androsace, dotted monocrotaline In the meantime, the full blooming of the azaleas in the wind, flocks of blue Huang Ya in the middle reaches of the lake to go down. Surrounded by fir and spruce Zhetianbiri dies shady. The wind blowing through the breeze, four Taosheng, very pleasant scenery. In the late 1980s, the road has to pass Edge. Visitors from the town by car to and from that day to this tour. In addition, the Bi-old around the Tianchi Lake in the mountains, the production of strawberries, two types of dividends yellow, bright color, transparency, taste delicious, is a rare plateau Shanzhen.

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