Friday, November 28, 2008

Nu Ma film - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ma is a piece of the Nu River, the only provincial-level open ports in the state-level nature reserves - Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve in the hinterland of the West Slope. Ma Lu Shuixian film at the west, south, north, west, which borders on three sides and Myanmar, from Myanmar, the capital of Kachin State Shina only 200 km. Ma-chip border tourism in the region, the original dense Lin fascinating, picturesque countryside landscape, the vertical distribution of vegetation in the three-dimensional characteristics of the climate significantly. The beginning of this century, where there have been heroic fight against the ethnic Chinese and British imperialism, "Ma film events." Ma-chip border tourist areas around the content, a unique landscape, the landscape include: anti-Ma-chip Monument (Hall), wind and snow Yakou, take orders from a mysterious lake, the wreckage hump route, the border pastoral scenery, and so on. Lu Shuixian from the city to film the horse on the way, Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve in the Villa Jia Ping Yao. Around the dense forests, climate, the Nu River is a summer resort Gorge.

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