Friday, November 28, 2008

Liuku - Chinese tourism scenic spots

From Kunming, Yunnan by the city of Shimonoseki 240 km west line, turned a "V" shaped mouth Project, a cis-high mountain stands in the slot an hour away, in front of the Nu River is rushing torrents. Standing on a riverbank on both sides of the Metro, this is the sixth library - Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, the capital of the seat. Six on the library, there are all kinds of people. Liuku deer is a homonym of the deduction, before the legend with a dense forest in the mountains, overgrown with weeds, there are many appear red deer, hunters often here under the withholding support deer, deer with the passage of time will be called under the deduction. There are six Treasury sixth library, the new bank's six points, the Treasury is the sixth in the past Government offices where Division. Treasury sixth of the Nu River, about two kilometers away from the flat land less than one square kilometer. Here verdant vegetation, Bamboo shade, the little cottage, do not have a cottage landscape scenery. Six library is the Yuan Dynasty's Yuan-long military and civilian government, in the early Ming Dynasty, to the state Yunlong, toast the implementation of the system, security for granted paragraph soil Yunlong The state level, including areas this Yunlong County, part of Lanping County, Lushui Xian Nu River in the east coast of the six libraries, Laowo. Later generations in the family library to build six government offices, the library is called the old six government offices. 1944 Japanese troops invaded Myanmar film from the horse, ready to insert east of the Nu River in western Yunnan in the hinterland. The Japanese army occupied the West Bank For the Nu River Nu was the resistance of the Kuomintang troops, they support from mortar shelling Tusi government offices, government offices destroyed an angle. In 1974, the Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, the capital moved from the Bijiang Liuku after 20 years of construction, the library has become a six-row upon row of tall buildings, a thriving new frontier , As the "Pearl of the Nu River." Liuku the Nu River Bridge, built in April 1991, the bridge a total length of 337.52 meters, 2.8 meters wide, in order to pre-seat edge in a row of concrete bridge structure in Asia Bridge of similar rank in the second, at the same time on the Nu River is the largest and most modern bridge. Big Across East and West, will be on both sides of the town together, constitute a Riverside city scene. Standing on the bridge, the only Grand Canyon peaks stand, to break through the Nu River and to stop Pentium. Up and down the bridge, busy, the city of Grand Canyon - six library, decorate a more attractive.

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