Friday, November 28, 2008

Nu Lanping old Luo Qing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lanping old Luo Qing provincial-level scenic spot is the scenic spot, the hills of Yunnan is the ancestral Laojunshan tourism resources an important part of the landscape is characterized by Danxia. Lanping Luo Qing Gu is located in scenic areas Pumi Autonomous County of Lanping Bai Tong's rural village Desheng, by the ancient Luo Qing, Cui Pingshan Jinding, and Fu Shan Area of the three components. To have a plateau landscape ranch, "Valentine's dam," "Hill girl," and "mother tree," Whispering Gallery Baizhang, Zijin River rhododendron screen, Stone Forest, Huashan, water rock, stone pot, such as lead and zinc capital, with a total area of about 100 square Km. Lanping county area 56 kilometers away from Dali, Lijiang, 200 public , The traffic is extremely convenient.

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