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Songzanlinsi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Tanganyika Songzanlinsi Yunnan Province is the largest monasteries of Tibetan Buddhism, District Culture and Sport is also well-known one of the major temples. Songzanlinsi also known as the Hua Si, 5 km from Zhongdian county town.

  Zhongdian County, from north to be looked at the wide end of the grasslands, mountains, there is a market town the size of the buildings, the Department of the extremely high housing There are gilt bronze Yi Yi-watt shine, the eyes were away. This group of near-castle-like building is Songzanlinsi.

Songzanlinsi possession of the country in the 11th Year of soil around a circuitous Yin (1679 AD) built on iron chicken Yin year (year 1681) for completion. Ciming pro-Dalai Lama "Dan-song Tanganyika Lin. "

Monastery for the site, a fortune-up to the assassination of God Lama said: "The forest is Shen You Qingquan, heavy gold distraction during the show." Songzanlinsi now there are clear spring water features, spring and summer is not over, not dry autumn and winter, and a pair of common distraction from gold. Zhacang, Jikang two main temple was built in the highest, ranking the entire temple . Temple blocks north to south for a five-storey building Tibetan carving. Zhudian the top gold-plated copper-watt, temples corner kissing animals cornices, a Chinese-style temples, the lower hall there are 108 Ying-chu, representative of the Buddhist auspicious number. Main hall can accommodate 1,600 people fell Block scriptures. Canon for about a wall, "rolls of cabinet," the front seat main hall for V, a bronze statue of the Dalai Lama, then arranged in a well-known Buddhist monk's remains dedicated to. Houdian for Tsongkhapa, Maitreya, the Dalai Lama VII statue, more than Sanzhang high, straight-through top. Lacan a middle-eight were from the Temple, Middle Temple law, Khenpo room, quiet room, meals room. Is the top floor of the Ad Hoc Buddhist temple, dedicated to reach V , The Dalai Lama VII Buddha, as well as by the volume Bayeux, Thangka, handed down, and other instruments used. Treasures Songzanlinsi in many dynasties, the Dalai Lama V and VII of the Dalai Lama during the 8 gold statue of Buddha Sakyamuni, the Pattra Sutra, Jing Hui multicolored gold juice Thangka, gold lights. Temple-wide collection of "Dan Zhuer" 10, in which two hand-written for the gold juice to A variety of fine gold or silver incense burner, light years, and so on.

The temple monks and Living Buddhas zaba divided into two categories, with the exception of Living Buddha by monks outside the academic qualifications and is divided into Geshe, get grid, Zhuo classes, and so on, according to the responsibilities of sub-contractors to have Kamu, the old monk, Hong recovery, Pakistan, the United Kingdom is, stem cells and so on a number of positions. Songzanlinsi currently has more than 700 monks from the county seat to Songzanlinsi the pilgrimage road repair has been one of the new. Songzanlinsi is unique to ancient human landscape of the Quartet to attract guests.

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