Friday, November 28, 2008

Long & P - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gongshan County by the Green Bingzhongluo pull barrels northward into the territory of the Tibet Autonomous Region is the first village, pine cone, Lung & P is the second village. Bingzhongluo possession of the area is more mixed anger, and the S & P Long live the uniform of the Nu people. Putin leaned in closely-long torrential side of the Nu River, after the stockade is a piece of the original dense forest, the Long Cheng-pu Dotted the side of the Nu River in a gem. S & P Long of the most fascinating, it is the pottery in the world. The village is burning pottery kiln, pottery factory in the early blanks. Into the home, saw numerous pottery. There may be help them put a few grains of food cans, buckets back, water tanks, cooking pot; small, such as Cha Guan, ghee Pot, lamp lights, incense, a small wine glass. These pottery also set into a variety of products such as appliances, boil wine, the fermentation tank, the sub-soil rice pot, pot of cold water, drain pan, funnel, altar wine, the wine glass; series of water. Nu making pottery, tools extremely simple, relying on a smooth boulder and a Penny . Production, the pottery clay in the top left hand on the rocks, in accordance with their own idea of form. These small pieces of ceramic-blank good, do not need a special kiln to burn, just burn it into the Huotang. Long & P was surrounded by mountains, it's around hundreds of years have not produced pottery in the world, the true fan is .

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