Friday, November 28, 2008

Mystic Valley DULONGJIANG - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yunnan Province, north-west corner of the map to highlight a block of long and narrow rectangular area, which abuts the northern part of Tibet Autonomous Region, close to the west and south of Myanmar, the region is that few people have been to the Drung River region. As a result of living in history books here on referred to as "the people of the Pacific" Dulong known, but also because of his unique topography and partial The blocking is known as the "Valley of the mystery." Valley in a wide variety of natural resources and steep canyons of thousands of Ren and the wonders of colorful ethnic customs, China is a rare multi-disciplinary kind of museum. Throughout north-south (250 km) from the DULONGJIANG Chayu County, Tibet, the abnormal turbulent China's famous river close to cross the mountain range west of the main northern foothills, the steep mountains by containment. To the east is more than 5000 meters high Gaoligongshan (Lisu language, said Qu fruit) in the west near the Myanmar with more than 4000 meters high power play Kazan. Drung River upstream from the river and Ma Ke Laoluo than convergence River from Di Buli Gongshan County into the side, top-to-mao also flow to the West, Marcus had to Myanmar, Jiang Kai-Import Enmei. In the territory of more than 90 km long, drainage area 1947 square kilometers. As if the entire DULONGJIANG a long line of blue, Pentium roar of the wind around the clouds in the mountains. The whole valley terrain, looking from above, the River Lin rolling hills of the vast magnificent. Hill Mountain from the limbs to the climate temperature varied widely, usually along the line trip, Huihanruyu, the mountainside to have Liang Yi, until the top is a Hanqixiren. DULONGJIANG a lot of water drops, the upper reaches of the river looking like a sense of appear out of the blue. Jiang's up 1 Feibao on tributaries 0 Yu, not only rich in water resources, animal and plant resources are very rich. Because of the Indian Ocean south-west monsoon, annual rainfall amounted to more than 3200 mm, rainfall, suitable climate. Valley in many plants, the valuable cedar bald, Cephalotaxus, Davidia, rhododendron sulfur, water sinense, tree fern, and so on, very complex The drug is also growing bamboo here. States are classified as rare birds and animals have the protection of the tiger, takin, red blue sheep, golden monkey, the dog (Red Panda), and so on, can be said that the Drung River Valley as a whole, is really worthy of the Kingdom of Animals and Plants in Yunnan Province in jewel . Generations living in the valley where the Dulong, China's population is more The nation, DULONGJIANG also be named. Dulong and a long valley, mountains and wild plants Xiangyiweiming, ate wild plants, wild plants are also used. If the crossbow hunting is Huang Sang-made, the ferry slipped away with the tube is used Sang Huang Hsiang-wood, wear clothing with the wild hemp, even the color of independence Carpet weaving is also used cannabis into the wild, live in the house is inseparable from bamboo and thatch, and sometimes hunger to eat wild fruit and Viola in the powder. Use of wild plants are so widely elsewhere rarely see.

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