Friday, November 28, 2008

Damo Zu Shi-dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Weixi County, Diqing in its case under the Seomang Cheung Pei Shan, a mountain like a huge Buddha sitting in the sky, this is the Dharma Hill, from its case only 6km, from the foot of a mountain to climb, reaching as far as the division Da Mozu Temple hole. "Jimu lofty cliffs, towering temple then the clouds", the former having a hole out Temple in the solemn eyes, Huangwa walls, resplendent. Daruma Temple Gaju Pai is a temple, built the first year of Kangxi (1662). Temple built at an altitude of 3,000 meters on the cliffs. Legend has it that the division had Damo Zu travel far and wide to this, in this cave within 10 years facing the wall and Buddha attained enlightenment. Shek Pik hole has also printed founder was facing the wall To form images on stone holes before a pair of deep footprints, according to legend was the founder and win after "Cheng Dayton depression," left the shrine. Therefore, the cave got its name. Hole 30 meters high and 10 meters deep. Temple is in accordance with stacked wooden wall, depending on the shape hole, the stone from wood frame to create integrated Cave Sengfang with the strange landscape. And Under the sub-out around the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to distant Bodhidharma across the temple, as the three pillars, each angle upon trend has become known Buddhist holy sites. In l984 foot of the mountain after the originally only Gaju Pai tribute to Al-Aqsa Mosque and the origin of the Dharma Temple Gamagaju sent two monks of the temple of this merger activity. After the big Buddha enshrined in the Hall Padmasambhava founder, Tsongkhapa, founder of the Gelug Sect and the only two Gamagaju Gong founder of the statues and a collection is a legend Damo Zu division "stomp into a depression," the shrine, as well as teachers and students of the Da Mozu Remains dedicated to. There are nearly 80 monks. Damo Zu Shi-shan to the activities of the most attractive, turn to activities of the Hill I as a starting point, according to the clockwise around the peak week of about 3km, Tianchang in the course of time, the number of pilgrims, to become the path of the Hill. Each of the first lunar calendar, according to legend is Buddha Damo Zu division of the day, assembling a crowd of tens of thousands of pilgrims near and far, Fengcanlousu, bustling, the crowds have been turning more than hillside, magnificent scenes Daruma Temple to host the annual release of the Buddha Festival, monks have to jump "Qiang Mu" (religious dance). November's lunar calendar every year, "Georgia Winter Festival", men and women, young and old, empty cottage a few people again gathered at the barrier up on the lawn before and after the founder hole. Teng Temple jump far, the Jinsha like white hada, fluttering triumphantly, South winds; Tacheng clearance slope as blue dragon, enthusiastic somersault, the river fell, and in front of Xiangshan, then stretched out a long trunk, to prostrate ourselves before the founder of the foot.

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