Saturday, November 29, 2008

Luo Hai rape - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Luo unique climate, Luo has created a unique ecological agriculture. February-March every year, the merging of 20 million mu in the rape Luo Bazi race in full bloom, golden color overflow, dozens of stretches, like rolling waves of the ocean Kim, who stood the largest natural garden, all is the sigh Luo "Jinyumantang town." 32 National Highway, from the display in the Nanning-Kunming Railway and the Trans-off, "Roma China," said the beekeepers, gathered in the display, Fang Feng took up honey.

Mountain view, we can see the display, jade belt Lake, Lake Prince, Lake Bay, as three shiny silver mirror, as a foil to the scenery of green Maestra; rape miles, little villages, spread all over the place stockade; one after another of the cone-shaped karst mountain, decorative flowers, like human-xian JING, constitute a perfect picture; Street Shi Karst low-lying land is karst in a typical karst landform, a A unique, "Qiu Tian thousands of" pastoral scenery; annual rape Tourism Festival to tourists at home and abroad in the spring issue of the invitation to attract numerous friends at home and abroad to view Luo flowers, fresh honey.

Flowers into the ocean, saw groups of bees, come and go fly in the flower world, to enjoy sucking the essence of a cauliflower. They are the people who recover the honey bee-by-raising People from all over the country brought about by these Chinese only a stray "in the spring of the Gypsies" and camped a pair of rape, Fengcanlousu, weaving a fairy tale in the spring, the spring harvest of sweet.

If the United States Yuanyangtitian picturesque, then, the Luo rape terrace is fantastic wealth Moving spirits. Commonly referred to as the local people spend ladder. Jinji Ling of rape is known for its flat, and that the Shiwandashan rape, in the form of terraced fields are well known!

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