Saturday, November 29, 2008

Huilong Ecological Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huilong Ecological Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huilong Yuxi Hongta District of Yuxi Ecological Park located in the south-west, "the first village in Yunnan," Camp Street residents Authority area, covers an area of 200,000 m2, is recorded in Huilong Yuxi City Trading Company.

  Huilong Ecological Park in May 17, 2001 groundbreaking, at 9, 2004 years ago Basically completed, the building of the ecological park with a total investment of 150,000,000 yuan, all of whom self-enterprise. Up to now, have been completed and that can be accepted at the same time, more than 2,000 people Huilong the convention center for accommodation of 600 rooms, 2,000 people eat the food,

With the theme of water and indoor hot spring water Stadium With a large children's play equipment, park covers an area of 6700m2 Huacao Chang, the Chinese and Western fast-food and cold drinks shop, the introduction of the highly irritating traction and Dongli San umbrella, set up a system of standard three basketball courts and soccer field .

According to the grading standards for the quality of construction to build a set of first-aid medical tourism Materials, publicity, complaints, accept complaints, inquiries and other functions to receive the visitor center, the construction of 800 parking spaces in the parking lot and supporting infrastructure has greatly improved the ecological environment and environmental tours.

Set up by a 22 Aston composed of ancient music, commonly known as "living fossils" and "live "The hole through a music band and dancers from the 23-member" lantern town "characteristics of ethnic song and dance team.

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