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The Connaught Terrace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The Connaught Terrace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the south bank of the Yuanjiang, adjacent to Hong Hexian, there is a terrace with sea of clouds, Hani culture in central Yunnan's well-known hot spot - Connaught.

Snow that the rural area of 152 square kilometers, with an average elevation of 1700 meters, with a population of under 20,000, to the Hani ethnic-based, and the adjacent Jiexiang sheep in the landscape Basically the same as the composition of the population, is the only Central to the terraced landscape of that place, Honghe Hani is a cultural corridor of the upper reaches of the lot, and the four-Mingzao Yuanyangtitian have the same human nature.

Snow that the Hani people of good hard-working, in thousands of years and nature of the struggle to create a number of human miracle Magnificent landscape of terraced fields of rice and "October", "yellow rice section," and "hard Zaza Day" and a series of colorful ethnic folk festival is representative of its outstanding.

Yuanjiang on the terrace of the main Sheep Street, Connaught that the two places, with that for the most Connaught Terrace. Snow that reflects the Hani Terrace Has a long history of farming culture, Connaught Terrace are the United States every season: Summer green terraced fields, vitality; autumn rice mature, Huang Chengcheng one, the overwhelming picture of harvest; and in the winter, cloud-filled terrace, unpredictable.

Hani Terrace magic spectacular that has become the Connaught A unique business card, Connaught from the rural township to co-ordinate economic and social development, promote the harmonious development of man and nature, the height of handling the economy and the development of the terrace between the development and utilization of resources. On the one hand, do everything possible to rely on agricultural science and technology to achieve efficiency, as a result of farmers not to expand the economic development of flue-cured tobacco, and other types of cash crops and occupation Nigeria terrace.

On the other hand, the protection of terraced fields in a variety of ways to carry out his work in promoting sea of clouds to determine the main terrace of protected areas, and actively strive for the development of tourism projects, and strive to make the resource advantages into economic advantages to both preserve the cultural heritage left by our ancestors, This will help to enhance the cultural heritage of the whole Cultural tourism, the tourism industry to cultivate, so that the tourism income of farmers has become a new bright spot of the rich in order to better protect the terraced fields and achieving sustainable development.

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