Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ho Tung-shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Francis 6069.88 square kilometers in the red on the ground, stretching north-south Wumeng Mountains, a seat in the territory of the summit process, Pinnacle range upon range of hills to show highland the color of the wind, a Valley Bazai flat, fertile soil, crops fragrance, with Jiangnan The brilliant. March-April each year mountain is covered with dozens of species of Gui Azalea Wave of open landscape and the mountain is covered with red wild matsutake collection Xinchishenwang people with taste, away. Here, the natural landscape and cultural landscape such as the Pearl Museum: Landscape of the show alone Dongshan Park, beautiful scenery and the water Wan Park, Tian Qian across the four blocks on the bridge, bridge, suspension bridge, r. Prince, the Seven Wonders of the guests Longdong Make visitors feel good; hole cusp of ancient stone tools, ancient pottery, to retain the integrity of the ancient Yi Dao, "Zhuge business", "War" and "old fort", "beacon towers," the Red Army battle sites and revolutionary cultural relics exhibition hall is Experts, scholars, tourists Tanqixungu to inspect an excellent knowledge of the landscape. Sun Dongshan Park, located 5 km east of Ho Tung Shan mountain, the main area to the east of Temple, sea and the tower will be revolutionary martyr cemetery, is the provincial tourism scenic spot. Temple also known as East Songhe Temple, built in the early Ming Dynasty, the original construction in the major Temple on the cliffs, after the fire many times, as many of the restoration work Cliff is the original temple has been only remaining part of the Temple of the main body has been moved to halfway up that piece of magic occurs on the ground. Old Temple Sensen, many courtyards, and spewing Qingquan, on a steep mountainside to the ground, clear spring, it was also a great spectacle.

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