Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jinpingshan area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jinpingshan area is located in Asan, 15 km west of the Yi Autonomous County, with fresh air and scenic areas, the protection of vegetation intact, the main attractions there are clouds Court, Lin Court, District of flowers, pearl tea, Tea Villa cloud, and so on. In addition, there is an attractive place Longtan date rockfill dam with the clear bottom of the clean water, towering trees Yu Congcong, Tam Dang unlimited spring water in the first ripple.
  On the foot of the dam, along rugged mountain slowly, in the Qing gurgling water, right next to the whirling Bamboo, the mountain is covered with wind waves of the Qing Man Chung Su White, who would seem to be on very cool, broad Among the marine green. The most attractive, Longtan water is the Department of rockfill dam with water as if Yuyeqiongjiang, many around the giant trees, like a huge canopy of green, Tan Bian Yam, patrol the round-table Dan Deng, Tantou get out of the water, like Jingying a string of pearls.
Through stone dam, two colorful Pavilion in front of it, Although the sculpture on a small, but the painting was a pattern to reconcile the beautiful and dangerous terrain, tall hexagonal, as Zhanchiyufei, it seems particularly Cuicanduomu to a Shengjing Jinping, a decorated Enuoduozi, momentum million.
The Jinpingshan Baekundong, Great Collection of poetic screen, the entire hole dug in on a piece of The big cliff, by the dozens of steps to introduce people to their holes, there are semi-circular hole to build the platform, there are external hook column column Point, on cloud often vague to step down. Inside the original "Songzi Guanyin", has now been brought to life "but from the wide lonely and cold, happy days toward China," Chang-e replaced.
Jinpingshan be Southern Provincial People's Government of Yunnan Province as tourist spots, attracting many visitors.

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