Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lakeside Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Early in 1985, Jiangchuan County People's Government decided in the old river mouth of the wasteland and a perennial part of the lake by the invasion of low-yielding fields on the building of the park, then began planning, land acquisition. 1986 hit the wall, the masonry channel for irrigation, filling side. 1987 Zaihua planting trees, building pavilions, to receive visitors A total of 1,100,000 yuan of investment. The Jiangchuan County Park 1.3 km distance.
Now, the lake covers an area of 92 acres of parks, of which 63 acres of land area, there are more than 30 acres of lawn and beach swimming pool, 15 acres, housing more than 600 square meters of floor space. Lake embankment has been built within the three lakes, has a Dutch Chi, Cherry Island, Maple Island, a rockery, and so on Shuixie. There are boats, boat ride for visitors, Haimen jade belt boat by a direct route to the Gushan Scenic River. Shizhuo for visitors to rest, Shi Deng reached more than 100 sets. Xingyun Lake in the middle of a pile of an island, covering an area of nearly 2 acres, not only fishing for a better tomorrow, but also enjoy the Huguangshanse. Park, lay out the rocks, were quiet-path, as well as the hedge Climb, will be potted flower garden, garden million, Beiting, tea rooms, reading rooms, children's entertainment such as games and connected between, density White, suitable for hidden Lu, an integral whole. Rare plants and flowers planted in the park amounted to more than 100 species of trees, Mexico , Long Zhaohuai, cedar, maple, camphor tree, camellia, cherry tree, Metasequoia, sweet-scented osmanthus, magnolia-Canton, Platanus, such as oleander, and planning to build a plant point of view.
Park swimming pool water flat, 100 meters away slowly until the water depth by 2 meters of mud and sand for, Jiaogan comfortable. Per year Autumn festival steady stream of visitors, tourists year amounted to 100,000 people. Park official of the existing staff of 14 people, security manager Zhang Lin.

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