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Yangzonghai Lake Holiday Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangzonghai Lake Holiday Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangzonghai Lake Holiday Resort is located in the Stone Forest of Kunming to the high street, Ju Kunming, about 35 km in the urban areas.
To the planning and construction of water-based recreational beach playground, the tower of the National Celebration of the Arts in Tallinn, the International Golf Course, Hot Springs Resort City, Tengyun Garden Villa Villa, Sea Palace hotel and shopping Heart, and so on. Have been completed and opening up the waterfront area of 140,000 square meters playground, set up water, land and air in more than 40 items of pleasure, boating, water skiing, surfing, but also driving seaplane, motor boats, and so on, is currently in southwest water Entertainment facilities, the largest and most water-rich entertainment center.
Yang Deep Water Sea for the third fresh water lake in Yunnan Province, to meet water quality standards for first-class, Yiliang County is located, and Chenggong three Chengjiang County, the water area of 31.9 square kilometers, with an average water depth of 20 meters, 30 meters up the most.
You Yangzonghai Lake Accessibility by Yi Liang from Kunming to the train, or bus station in Kunming East Ju hotels, train To the bus station.
  Yangzonghai Lake plateau for the rift lake, Lake straight, uneven bottom, reef cave, dark green color, transparent, fresh water lake, Lake in the famous gold-rich fish. Tang Quan around the lake from the main river and rain water accumulation, Tang Chi built in 1960 as a result of thermal power plants will be put Yangzonghai Lake were diverted to the river. Hunan Province in the soup and noodles for the drainage outlet. Nanpanjiang into the water, the session of the Pearl River water system.

  Around the Yangzonghai Lake, beautiful, beautiful scenery. Lake southeast of the Longquan Temple, according to post-Shek Pik, bird's-eye view before the lake water, poured out of a Shan Fu Quan, clear, bright and clean. Temple next to an old tree. Direct About 2 meters, more than the Millennium age, Climb, the Bi Tian strong.

Xiao Tuncun the south, according to legend, when the three countries to know well with the general Nan Zheng Ge Guan Faso troops, the villagers are still singing the old show Nuo, commonly known as "Guan cable show." Si Hou village southwest of the country there are huge 7, the natural line up like Big Dipper, called " Beidou satellite, "in the vicinity of the village is called" Beidou Village. "

During the summer and fall season, bird's eye view high in Ba Zi Yang, the villages are clearly visible, only the village of Beidou Yanlong fog cover. A vast. Wonders of the ancient people called the "fight the village of misty rain", a unique scenery.

Tang Chi Lake in the north-east of the town, have been completed Tourist-class resort, a seaside playground, golf courses, small Bailong Forest Park, Yong Jin Village, Tang Chi spa services such as tourism and entertainment facilities.

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