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Qu Guan Tuo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tuo song in this north of the Hexi Tonghai Wa Lane 30, is the Yuan Dynasty, "Lin Yuan Jiang car, etc. are Xuanwei Si Marshal House," the location of this is the time to set up in Yunnan's highest military and political authorities. Marshal of the Mongolian Yuan Dynasty have been in-ear Tie A La govern the territory. Jingtai "by the Yunnan map," said: "Qu Guan Tuo, a Wansong camp, the main yuan, the Ministry of Hexi district in the North, 20, the top-Yan, 38 points in the Oasis, 400 surrounded Kong, Lam lush, South Point Shanguangshuise, Clipsal Moby. "Revealed the Ming Dynasty," Dian Chi "also said:" Marshal House, in the county (west) north Sanshi Li, Yi Guan Tuo songs, doing Wangsong You Yue Yuan to 20 (1283 AD) to build. Qing emperor, extension of inter-prosperous people, the city of influx in the market, "This shows that since 700 years ago, the music is a Kwan Tuo bustling military fortress. Tuo clearance in the song halfway up the mountain, there are wells in" planing horse well, "all the year round Four Seasons, spit-jet beads, strong water, clear At the end. Legend was led by Kublai Khan Mongolian army campaign here, dangerous on the uninhabited Hill Road, Ma Jun difficulties poor, can drink water, the march is very difficult. Can do is when Khan riding high on a cliff in the first horses neighing Yang Ti, Horseshoe continue to turn in the ground plane, a cloud of dust. In a moment Paochu a horseshoe pit pond, spring rolls out for people to drink, that is, "Ma dig wells," the source. As a result of a thirst for water, encouraging the morale of the troops, the Mongolian cavalry, "three days away, accounting for eight Walled Night," won. 20 Yuan (1283 AD) built the song Tuo Guan, the beginning of the "Linan Jiang BC Xuanwei Si, etc. is also responsible for 10,000 military government "to the end of the Yuan Dynasty, has been upgraded to Lin'an Yuanjiang car, etc. are Xuanwei Si Marshal House. Qu Yuan Dynasty in the Tuo Li Guan a" marshal all House amendments Confucian temple tablets, "said:" The capital of Yunnan to Wan Li, Zhu Yi miscellaneous, in the unlikely rebel services, will by Granville for a long time while soldiers and an Changzhi, "This Tuo song in the establishment of customs Marshal House. Tie A La fungus original home in Mongolia, to positive 20 million (1360) was ordered transferred to Yunnan, "Xuan Weisi Explorer", was later granted special for all Marshal Marshal House, he led the Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi's "15-fledged" military force guarding the song Tuo Guan Under the jurisdiction of Sijing 100, 1000 and the House 10,000. Have also advocated the establishment of schools, old died of his duties after his son Zhan Tan Yin's father hit the post to marshal all. Zhantan handsome small Agile, grow up to excel in Jishe, a special love of literature, writers often invited to speak by the History of. He related the establishment of Wolong song Tuo Temple, Wu Temple, Of the resident, Shuaifu in many species of pine trees around, in person more than 1,000 species of peach trees, peach blossom in full bloom season every year, many scholars view this degree and was later referred to as "Shuaifu Taolin." Million people, "Qu Guan Tuo Marshal House," the poem Yin: Guan Yang outlined the emerging situation, such as built-Ling coming Baiji. Three Hill swallowing sea of white, green day, the wind sweeping Mindanao. Bazhan imperial court music of the three services, Ning Official selfless people. Yuan Rong Wu said that the bad smell, the New Man Banshan Ting Yin. According to the "ancestor of the Explorer Chishou Xuanwei Si Tie A La fungus Mongolia felt right," Epitaph: "A large margin of the Ming Zhao Xing, Jo million to the end, to make the public section, posthumous title Yong. "Zhantan may be prescribed with the military operations were outnumbered, died or committed suicide. Long past 700 years, the song names still Tuo Guan, for the face. At that time," as the influx of business "as early as" next to the beginning of waste Bing Xian. "Now the song is related Tuo Town, one of the Hexi Tonghai Township. Township has , Business customs, Tho's dam, Du Camp, the first River, Zhang camp, Xiaozhaizigou 7, and other villages, a total of more than 680 households, more than 3,000. Mountains are mountains planted pear, peach, apple, Chinese chestnut, hawthorn fruit and so on more than 1,000 acres. The Mongolian Yuan dynasty era of the descendants of the armed forces, has been with the Qilu Lake water Down, move to Yamashita to settle in Phoenix, who is now the Mongolian Yunnan, live in the town of Hexi new rural Mongolia. Tuo Guan original song, "Shuai Fu", "Taolin Shuai Fu", "Wolong Temple" and "well-lock", "Camp 1000", "100 Camp" and so on the site, but has long been cultivated into a garden.

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