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Hot Springs Village trunk - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China hot spring located in the trunk 12 km south of County Office. 80 km from the city of Yuxi, Yunnan Province, from the office 148 kilometers, covers an area of 2.3 square kilometers, the construction area of 70,000 m2. Hot Springs is a deep fault zone along the natural water cycle of the outcrop, the flow of 3760m3 /day, the water temperature 39-41 degrees, colorless and tasteless, State Department of Geology and Mineral Resources, and other technology to identify units that are re-chuen, carbonated, contain Piangui Suan, strontium and lithium, and other 11 kinds of human essential elements of macro and micronutrients 13, the appropriate temperature, the four seasons can be bath, second only to the quality of international Stephen France of the Peili Ai quality mineral water, tea bath is a valuable dual-use high-quality mineral water. Hot Springs early Eastern Han Dynasty have been found that drinking mineral water after a shower can be refreshing, fitness, disease-drive, the beauty of the skin results are obvious. During the Ming Dynasty by the masses as "Shen Shui", has been the development and utilization. Hot springs in the vicinity Cui over trees, there are banks of Stephen Jinsuo Old Bridge Resort and beautiful environment, health care is the Four Seasons Zengshou, drink-bath in convalescence, State tourism, leisure ideal place.
  Hot springs from the trunk trunk, Jinsuo Bridge, Cui Pingshan, the composition of the nursing home. Beautiful, beautiful. Cliffs steep ridge trunk, thick, heavy shade, such as huge as the view down to drink. Since the hot trunk pouring between Shek Pik Ling Ha, a moderate temperature (at 39 Between ~ 40 ?), four-bath can be. Two dozen meters away from the spring, into separate bathrooms for men and women. Sulfur spring water, skin diseases, rheumatism patients have a certain effect.
  Xiren praise is a hot trunk, "Shen Ke In addition to washing dirty cloud, a deep source of cinnabar." Once upon a time, during the winter and the beginning of the Lunar New Year, Huaning Near the sea, Jiangchuan, to build water and other places of the masses, have come to visit, bathing. They group together in Quanbian ignite the fire, Zaiyang chickens, drinking song, Tunghsiao up to Dan. Qing Zhang Lingyun who Huaning hot trunk title poem: "Man Mo Tang Quan boast the world, so that rumors Wen de Sai (Yuan Dynasty Huaning County had 000 West) If the trunk is no different from Ling Ling, water tranquil water more than Kerry. Bathing solution and teaches people how to Siyu, the arrival of many flowery appearance. I want to frequent cold as this, the Acura Le Tong Guan Hua-year-old. "It can be seen that the object of love springs nose. Hot clean water, according to laboratory tests showed that the hot spring is a re-chuen, carbonated category, the human body contains 13 kinds of beneficial micro-yuan And macro elements, which Piangui Suan, strontium and lithium content of up to three elements of the national standard for drinking natural mineral water, known as "high-quality precious drinking water." Radium, radon, and other elements of the human body will have the effect of a variety of diseases. Luan stacked heavily on Stephen Cheung, Longdong River outlet clear as a mirror, Lilikeshuo gravel bottom. Cross-strait pines Tsui , Wild flowers fragrant grass, the pleasant scenery.
  Nursing home was founded in October 1986, is located about 200 meters away from the hot springs of Longdong River? Covers an area of 70 acres. Housing construction in accordance with the mountain covered, Cuolayouzhi to locally-produced yellow glazed tile roof of the coverage, style flavor, unique. In a nursing home after Chengkungling trunk, stands a 6? Block of various styles of the pavilion, Chui-verdant slopes decorate more enchanting charm. Nursing home also has physical therapy rooms, restaurant, conference room, dance hall, and so on, around the cultivation of fruits, flowers, evergreen the four seasons, the smell assail the nostrils. Entire nursing homes and shade trees in the hot springs, towering tall and straight as the Ridge, slowly flowing river of Longdong, magnificent bridge Jinsuo add radiance to each other, an integral whole.
  Jinsuo bridge in the trunk near Hot Springs, across the River Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill West Ridge, lying like Changhong Jin Bo, like jade belt Jinchan play, a magnificent view. Bridge 10 years Qianlong Dynasty (1745 AD) for single double Steeple arc stone arch bridge, 9 meters wide, 37 meters in length, 14 meters high. 18 m-span bridge opening,? Arc with a radius of 11.5 meters, 2.1 meters high vector, Yunnan Province is the largest single-span stone arch bridge one. On the north side of the middle of the bridge has a Shihfang, there is Yin-ting South, North and South symmetrical structure of the unique, exquisite stone carvings Li, a beautiful environment. Jinsuo around the scenic bridge, bridge numerous bamboos, gurgling water under the bridge, tree-lined both sides of the strait. Although the earthquake and weathering several times, still stand tall.
  Cuiping Shan and Cheung Pei Shan confrontation, the screen like a Qing Cui For drop, named. Shek Pik a mountainside, traditional costumes and smooth. The shape of the moon "The moon rock," Lam around in the grass under a foil to the fascinating glory.

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