Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pan-kun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pan-kun is located in Haimen Buffalo Peak Hill, 17 km away from the urban and rural counties. Vertical hole to hole, the entrance of about 1 meter wide, curved and circled, the Department wide side-by-side on March 5 were feasible, narrow only one person through the side, away from the hole about 50 meters has become more open, 8 meters wide. Pan-kun inside the cave, stalactites of strangely shaped clouds, but Many had been chipped to tap-off. Standing inside the cave, there is a deep feeling that cool breeze coming slowly. According to the depth of the hole in Yunnan Province of Meitan Ting and others, need 45 hours to go, but before the end. Just how deep hole as a whole, is still a mystery.
According to the civil - , One ancient name of the Jiangxi Ji Xu examination, the officials do not want North Korea, the world will travel far and wide. Jiangchuan came, he selected the Buffalo Peak Kwu Tung Yang-religious, and finally into Zhengguo, immortal. PING Xi Hou Muying Jiaozhi to lead troops to insurgency in this labyrinth, under his guidance the way, have at last reached the Jiaozhi, down the rebellion, Zhao Ting Is the closure of its "Pan-kun the main land." From then on, people just Cidong known as the Pan-kun, and Xu Scholars called the "Pan-kun master." He also appeared several times for the people in the vicinity of the misfortunes problem-solving. People in order to repay their kindness, self-financing, the hole in the construction of the "Pan-kun Temple," Terauchi plastic "Pan-kun having" like, and Yang Jiashan County of the famous poem written on: "Pan-kun for land owners, Ushiyama spring constant; sincere heart felt God, Ende stay on earth." Unfortunately, the Pan-kun at the Temple of the "Cultural Revolution" period destroyed, it is only some residual love setting Tanzania.
Pan-kun of the tourism value to be further developed.

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