Saturday, November 29, 2008

Paul Fuxian Lake Scenic Area charge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lu charge from the scenic town 20 km, 70 km from the provincial capital Kunming, located in the beautiful scenery of the West Bank Fuxian Lake, the scenic fishing village with great style, rich in valuable fish species anti-wave, scenic mountains and the sea, shady old trees, Renjiedeling, In the history of the "1 pair of Scholars, two hundred Academy" in the world. By the beautiful scenic spot of Fuxian Lake, the shape of penholder, such as Beacon Hill like a Yu-Sun Kim of Shan and tree-lined ancient banyan, as well as the old car's unique wave of anti-water fish such as fish constitutes a beautiful landscape Screen.

The development of tourism since the mid-1980s, invested a total of more than 400,000,000 yuan, and End A variety of tourist facilities, built the hotel 21 grade hotels, hotels in more than 60, more than 3200 beds, and basically formed a set of holiday travel, leisure and meeting travel services in one system.

Paul area in the village of filling a big charge Nan Tung, the village is located in the south, underground water is abundant, All the year round temperature maintained at around 24 ?, flow into the Fuxian Lake, summer and fall season, water trucks and water fishing groups against the current wave of anti-fish, here is a great spectacle.

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