Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hot springs Lake Chinese Restaurant - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot springs Lake Chinese Restaurant - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hot springs is a traditional folk customs. Open-air hot springs bubble can, in one breath and soak in 28 different style of Hot Springs, is a new style of leisure activities. Yuxi at "the first village in Yunnan," Camp Street, Tan Chinese Restaurant Spa is a unique recreation of a good place for convalescence.

  Hot springs Lake Chinese Restaurant Pure Japanese-style hot spring tourism resort, Ju Kunming only 45 minutes by car. She was a blend of the most traditional hot spring culture, leisure and fashion ideas, promote the health, leisure and ecological balance, natural hot springs and Yundanfengqing find the leisure to every visitor for the love of life and health of people To create An oasis in the city.

As the saying goes: Chang-e Xiafan only look for home on earth, Hou Yi's wife up on why the palace of heaven - to the Chinese Restaurant Tam!

  Quietly lying on the movement of a mellow wine in the bath, Li felt "100 poems Doujiu" bold and fun at all, or chase the Royal Bath, Gone with the Wind Rose's ups and downs, Bibo Li entered the water with the romantic tenderness. Inside and outside the pool with different temperature of the bath together, the Shujinhuoxue Angelica bath, refreshing air support of the Chinese medicine bath, skin care beauty of the aroma bath ... ...

28 different patterns of ups and downs in the hot springs scattered on the slope, 28 unique style of gentle waves in the stretch Yingying, a pick their favorite structures, his selection of a suitable temperature, all the fatigue, trouble on my mind all this delivered to the waves a little spring-hong, it would be a kind of leisure Yaqu ah! !

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