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Hongtashan tobacco industry tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongtashan tobacco industry tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? Hongtashan stands at the top of the mountain as a result of a White Pagoda built in the Yuan Dynasty named, was built in the Yuan Dynasty, the tower of the Qing dynasty 19 years (1839) reconstruction. "Baita setting sun" to become a new King. 1958 Baita will be painted red, changed its name to "Hongtashan", from King, "Zhao Hongta" replaced. Hongtashan " Hongtashan "and" Hongtashan small "sub. Yuxi tobacco smoke were produced in the name of Hongtashan, to the new cigarette industry as the mainstay of the cross-regional Hongta Group, Hongta also registered in 1998 of the National Assessment of its brand name Value of 386 billion yuan, ranked highest in the nation.
?? ?? Hongta for municipal -Protection unit for the protection of legislation before the Hongta signs were around the Yuxi Cigarette Factory and a new plant in Yuxi Teachers College, and so on.
?? ?? Yunnan Hongtashan Group Co., Ltd. is the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the approval of the Yunnan Provincial People's Government, established in 1995, China's largest tobacco companies. In addition to the production of flue-cured tobacco Cigarettes, Yunnan Hongta Group, the investment scope of operation has been extended to building materials, automobile manufacturing, machinery and electronics, water for power generation, road transport, pharmaceutical, paper, finance, real estate and other fields. Its ambitious goal is to Yunnan Hongta Group into a larger, modern, international - , For the world's top 500 enterprises.
?? ?? As of the end of 2000, the company registered more than 22,600 employees and total assets of 69,253,000,000 yuan.

"Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, Yunnan Hongta Group, "Smoke" (flue-cured tobacco, cigarette) taxes to achieve a total of 122,000,000,000 yuan, of which The core mission of the Yuxi Hongta Group business taxes to achieve a total of 87,800,000,000 yuan; diversified industrial investment reached 120 billion yuan, the country has made a major contribution.

?? ?? produced "Yuxi", "Hongtashan", "Ashima", "Hongmei" and other brands of cigarettes many times as the provincial superior, the Department of Products. "Hongtashan" won the National Quality Gold Award, the SAIC has been recognized as "China's well-known trademark", the brand value has reached 42,300,000,000 yuan, China's most valuable brands.

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