Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cha Yun Villa - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dasan Zhuang Yun Yun Kun Luo tea at the Villa line l50 kilometers north of 7 km, 27 km from the county seat, 2,000 m above sea level. Here surrounded by Castle Peak, towering old trees, dense forests, clear spring water bottom, flow all the year round, the mountain flowers are everywhere, all the four seasons in the open. Protection of the natural environment in this region, has another -Style "tea-Yun Villa Villa", there are tennis courts, OK karaoke dance hall, billiard rooms, mahjong rooms, and other cultural and recreational facilities for passengers with matching services, to undertake a variety of meetings. Stay with the Department, between low-grade standards of beds in the Department of restaurant guests can provide a variety of dishes. Villa Cha Yun-rich tea, Yunnan Important red, green tea export base. Tea leaf to stout, to show Yatou, bright yellow, and green liquor color, Wei Chun Shannon back to the sweet and famous. Many times in a row in the same industry rating in the province was the first score, many products have been Buyou, provincial superior title, and exported to Asia, Europe, the Americas, many countries and regions. In order to better Tea products are included in "China's important production and export enterprises Dictionary," a book. Cha Yun Villa with a beautiful environment, the ecological advantages, pollution-free, non-polluting, is ideal for sightseeing, holiday resorts.

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