Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stephen Fish God - Chinese tourism scenic spots

God by a group of fish Quan Quan, covers an area of 100m2, the main one for Stephen 6 � 2m constitute a pool of Stephen. There are three main side Quanxia Stephen subsidiary, were available for use by local residents living, eating into its functional springs (0.5 � 2m), vegetables Stephen (3 � 2m), Stephen Laundry (4 � 2m). Stephen Lord in self - Tai Mei raise hundreds of black carp, they can catch people in the cast-chuen, melon seeds, and the magic of their skin to crack with front teeth to eat and son named Ren, as a special landscape. God of Cookery fish from the local population of fish-chuen, traditionally bound to fall ill after eating. Stephen herring as the main body of grass carp, black carp like eyes, mouth Xiasheng have to grow up, become curved body in general 20-30cm, weight up to 1.5kG, a special body, the largest mass of "fish god" long 1m, 1998 "were missing."
God fish at Long Quan Jie Zhen Xu Village, Crystal Palace from about 30m, from the high-profile temple at around 50m, still in the vicinity of Enterobacter fish, fish, and other unique toilet King, together constitute a unique group of fish culture. Since the Qing dynasty that continues to this day.

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