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Jiulong Chi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiulong Chi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jiulong Chi, also known Longchi, formerly known as Qi Li River, located in the northwest city of Yuxi City, two of Qi Li foothills. Jiulong Chi Tau monument named after its description of the whole story said: "The foot of the Western Hills, Ky Son hole-Ran, complex embedded ran down like clouds resumption of the first song, ... ... under the clear spring pouring through the wall, such as Liexing beads together, not endless stream No. And the North East since more than 70 Stephen was also Yan, who are seven points out of Yang Yu-ran. ... ... Predecessors both the negative side of their stone accumulated soil as a pool pass, the points are made of nine, with words is the same river. Jiulong Chi also run the 000. "
Jiulong Chi-chuen, the higher the water, large irrigation has always been "Forty-don" several million mu of fertile farmland, so that the "game of the Northwest, 10,000 villages, along the Huaxi Liu Di, in the shade throughout Sangma, "is that the majority of the Yuxi River Tianchou, it has been. And the broad masses of tourists are the" source of Hope benefit farmers "and the special love and appreciation for it .

Jiulong Chi scenery can be summarized as four:
First, Tam Chi streams Longtan large, there are at the end of hole-chuen, 7, Chung Yang-clear spring out of the water fall of a stone bridge, can be seen looming. Tam small microwave surface wave, launched at various levels, water fish, ran HD audio. Around the towering old trees, the deep-rooted, the mask surface, and therefore cool summer temperature in winter. "Thorn shed chaos," Tam, such as water pearls, poured out of strings, fish, Multi-down, straight to the springs, water to avoid being swept away. "Grandpa has no temple," the river, water from under the cliff out of the stratosphere, as to why he appeared silent. Ma Quan alone Longtan is rolling, gushing out sound public outcry, the pool moss green algae, such as silk may bring. Tam Chi each of the following, each of which has the river; Shi Li Li River in color, Fishes algae, the two sides, or Wengyu trees or green grass. Ma Longtan to the following, many River is a river confluence, that is, Longchi River, flying well into the sea reservoir.

Second, Ting Xie up the house: more focus on the big Longtan in the West Bank, according to a cliff above the level in the structure, Daguan Lou, Tingquan House, Sam Shing Court, who , The Star Pavilion, and so on. There are stone stile Labyrinth, during which the tree branches around the cross, turn shade cover all kinds of birds which Feiming. Gordon House, Tingquan, sunny day Fukan Longchi, fish, listen to the voice of Night. Dengwen Star Pavilion view, the hills are small, Yuxi dam panoramic view.
Third, Tsung: the sub-Tsung, Tsung in the next Tsung, three-phase Park , There are ten high-Shu Zhang's Ju Song, Ming Dynasty to legend, the old monk-sik.
Fourth, sea-fly well: Well flying Sea Reservoir for irrigation in the early nation-building, in order to extend the Jiulong Chi scenic, wide surface of the water, the breeze gentle breeze at times, full of water Shui-Guang Yan, sometimes Bofanlangjuan, surging sound. Cunju the West Bank, the mountain surface water, every village Taolin Every family vegetable garden, during which ANGLE Village Road, criss-cross paths connected to the rural areas of Yunnan is rich in features. Imura fly produced the Flying Peach Well, for the well-known summer fruit, "Jiulong Chi used to eat peach fly well," it has had events.

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