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Ailaoshan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ailaoshan Nature Reserve, located in Xinping County, and King East, the source of the town, Chuxiong, double the five counties at the junction. 2080 meters above sea level ? 3165.9 meters. In 1986, the Yunnan Provincial People's Government expressly designated area is 21.99 million mu. In 1988, the State Council designated a National Nature Reserve Ailaoshan cloud is a branch of the Lingnan extension, the Himalayan orogeny during the Quaternary, as the elevation of the ground, cut under the river, increasing elevation, and today the formation of the depth of cutting the landscape of the mountain. Jiang standing alone by sprinkling from the southeast to the northwest through ramps down, the Department of Jiangxi Ailaoshan clock and standing alone as a parallel to sprinkle Jiang, Kawasaki crossed high mountains in a deep valley. Ailaoshan peak at the end of large rocks 3165.9 meters above sea level, were standing on the Dragon and the rural town of the source of border counties; pot snow peak at an elevation of 3137 meters Hill, the fog wrapped around the clouds, majestic spectacle, the plant complex distribution system, valuable ancient plant species More in climate, geology and so on Biological higher The value of scientific research, is the nature reserve area core, the Chinese and foreign scientists study is an important base for one of the study. Well-known large cap ears Hill, ear cap Hill, Tingtingyuli, thousands. River along the hills and multi-fan, for the development of palmatum, is the development of tropical food and cash crops ideal place for Dong-yun The southern edge of the plateau region, the landscape is Chungshan in cutting, fit and Yunnan pine growth in sub-tropical fruits.

Ailaoshan Nature Reserve is located in the tropical monsoon in East Asia, South Asia monsoon and the Qinghai-Tibet tropical mountains transverse of the three major geographical regions of the interchange, is what the monsoon climate, Yunnan Province and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau gas The demarcation line. It is like a natural "Great Wall", effectively blocking the north of Bangladesh's south-west warm air currents, when the air campaign here, the lower the temperature, precipitation in favor of clotting, over the air Ailaoshan, by wet warming. Therefore, at an altitude of 2800 meters or so AILAOSHAN area, annual precipitation up to 2200 Meters, 900 meters above sea level under Ailaoshan the northern foothills, the average annual rainfall of 800 mm ? 900 mm.

Ailaoshan protected areas in the flora and fauna on the East Asia and South Asia, the Himalayas and fauna of the India-Myanmar area, a lot of animals north to south, east to west. In the long-term adaptation and into the Proper process, and a variety of local, to form the present-day animals and forest plant communities, but retains the integrity of the original appearance. In the summer, the thick branches and leaves Zhetianbiri body into the forest, like a jade into the palace; winter is snowy, winter snow tree, You Si Crystal Dragon King's palace. Xinping County, according to forestry Survey, from the collection of protected areas recorded higher plants have 187 branches, 541 genera and 971 kinds. ? Inside Cyatheaceae, water sinense, Metasequoia, Yunnan Camellia red-chun, Phoebe, Magnolia, like blood rhododendron, Zi-wei, Manglietia red, bell-E, sub-grate Cephalotaxus countries such as the protection of trees.

Ailaoshan an internal tropical forest vegetation in the southern mountainous area of vertical type. As the climate, topography, soil, Xinping County, more types of forest in the territory, of which the Zhongshan moist evergreen broad-leaved forests of the main forest type is rare and therefore attention to Chinese and foreign scholars, experts have been hailed as a mosaic In-sik A crown of the Kingdom of "Emerald." The composition of such a wide variety of forest communities, there are only 75 kinds of trees. General characteristics of the community structure of the tree layer is dominated by evergreen species, development of good, and in original condition; shrubs, plants and trees and vegetation developed; epiphytic bryophytes and developed, thus, very common? There Lin moss. "? According to the survey in the snow near the pot Hill 2800 meters above sea level found was a piece of stone Ye Mao-lin oak moss, the tree 29 meters high, 40 cm diameter at breast height, the average volume 1000 cubic meters per hectare, which is currently Zhongshan found moist evergreen broad-leaved forest community types of development the best. Elevation 2 Strip for more than 00 meters, due to long years of strong winds, low temperature and soil have shaped ridge off the top song dwarf evergreen broad-leaved forest, broad-leaved evergreen Lin Han is to see the coppice, with a certain degree of scientific value. In addition, small fruit and copy Yunnan hemlock for the advantage of Zhongshan moist evergreen broad-leaved forest and mountain broad-leaved forest to the mountain coniferous forest transition Wet mixed conifer. Ailaoshan protect the area native forest cover and rare wild animals, the study of forest ecosystems and the formation of changes in the reproduction of biological resources is extremely important. At the same time, the dense forest for soil and water conservation, water conservation, climate regulation and the maintenance of ecological balance as an important .

  Ailaoshan because of a few hundred miles, in the Trans-central Yunnan, in the inter-tropical and sub-tropical, animals, the natural formation of the North-South "corridor", is the world's some movement of migratory birds must pass through, the preservation of biological species is a rare source of the "gene Treasury. " Its excellent geographical location, topography and terrain ushered in " The passenger side, "the quiet forest environment in which they settle in and linger favorite breeding, the Ailaoshan distribution of a variety of flora of the forest animals, known as" Animal Kingdom "is a domestic animal resources of the treasure-house of one of the Wo - . Ailaoshan protected areas of the birds, as many as 460 kinds of mammals, reptiles, 46 amphibians, which are listed National key protected species, black gibbons, francoisi, gray leaf monkey, the monkey bee, lazy monkey, the monkey bears, monkeys, sambar, and Nanji, pangolins, Su Ling, cranbrooki, green peacocks, the clouded leopard, Jinqian Bao, the cat, indica, blue sheep, musk deer Lin, hornbill spot, Temminck's pheasant, golden pheasant, the angle of meat such as chicken. There are also large The economic precious animals, Guan Shangniao medicinal animals and rare species of birds love, and a variety of thrush, noise-mei, Sunbird, the three cable Elaphe, King Cobra, red and black bear, and so on Nanji.

Ailaoshan Nature Reserve by the Chinese Academy of Sciences elected, the United Nations as the "Man and the Biosphere" forest ecosystems Location Observatory. With the social productive forces, science and technology and the rapid development of the human rational use of natural resources and protection, more and more important, has been awarded a group of Chinese and foreign scholars to conduct this study, and attract more fans to this tourism And tourism.

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