Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lookout Tower Falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lookout Tower Falls from the waterfall at Chahe leading to the tower's rural township's sloping banks of the tower. The range upon range of hills with overlapping peaks, the continuous ups and downs, hazy smoke, such as Lam Tao, the Chinese river, meandering road, Asan is another excellent landscape lies. Tower-year burst of water from the cloth of the post-watt case of Kowloon to the village's tower Potou down Fei Liu, Qian Chi diarrhea, Passing at the end of Qing Shu Zhang Yin-hua, with its steep and rough style of the spectacle, so that added to the scenery with color paintings. Legend: Austin tower falls, is sent by the Dragon King Shan Liren the benefit of the two tubes of clear spring water shed immortal. Explosion in cloth across the mountainside ramp, a tall and deep Fairy Cave, who is resident in the .

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