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Tourism in Yuxi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yuxi City is located in central Yunnan. The high terrain in the northwest, southeast low, terrain, mountains, canyons, plateaus, staggered distribution of the basin. Ailaoshan clock was inside the northwest - toward the southeast, a pan heavy snow mountain, Liang Shan, Ludian Hill, Modou Hill, and so on. Hill pot snow peak 3137 meters above sea level, the highest point for the whole region; small river and the river River main stream of Interchange to the lowest point for the whole region, 327 meters above sea level. Rivers belong to the Red River and two of the Pearl River water system. Red River's source in Yuanjiang city 165 kilometers process, there is a tributary of the Green River juice, a small river, and other river; source of the Pearl River on Nanpanjiang in the process of the city, 90 km, the main tributary for the Qujiang. Fuxian lake there, Xingyun Lake Qilu Lake, Yangzonghai Lake. Fall fault basin located in the eastern and northern parts of the arable land area of 6,000,000 square meters in the basin for more than 23 Yuxi is a sub-tropical plateau monsoon climate with four seasons such as spring and distinct wet and dry, vertical changes in the characteristics of the obvious. The average annual temperature is 15.5 ? ~ 23.7C, 800 mm of precipitation ~ 98O mm.
Yuxi City as a result of high-yield grain, tobacco and enjoy a fine texture, "Central granary", "Yunyan town" reputation. "Smoke" (flue-cured tobacco, cigarettes) to become the city's largest pillar industry, the Yuxi Cigarette Factory rise of Asia's largest cigarette business.
At the end of 1995 the total population 19O.6 million people, 601,000 of the population of ethnic minorities, accounting for 31.5 percent of the total population, of which 372,000 of the Yi, Hani 98,000 people, 67,000 Dai people.
Hongta District of Yuxi municipal, Jiangchuan County, Chengjiang County, Tonghai, China county Yimen, Asan Yi Autonomous County, the Yi-Dai Autonomous County of New Yuanjiang Hani and Yi Autonomous County of the Dai.
When you were the "People's Republic of China national anthem," It's music tragic powerful melody moved and intoxicated, song writers know, the people of that immortal musician Nie Er's name, that he was born "The Lantern "In the meantime, and learn a wealth of music nutrition, we are proud to say:" This is the Yuxi! "When you taste the gold country, the Chinese famous brand" Hongtashan "cigarettes," Yunyan town, "the rise of modern Asia's largest cigarette business and its leading to the formation of cigarettes from China's largest enterprise groups - Hongta Group Shocked by the track, we are pleased to say: "This is the Yuxi!"
Yuxi, Yunnan Province is located in the central region, the jurisdiction of Yuxi City, Jiangchuan County, Tonghai, Chengjiang County, Hua County, Yimen, Asan County, Xinping County, Yuanjiang County. Asan is one of the Yi Autonomous County, is the new level of the Yi and Dai Autonomous County, Jiang is the Hani, Yi, Dai Autonomous County.
Region-wide complex landform, lakes, Pingba, mountains, Okawa, the highest of AILAOSHAN in Xinping County, is the main peak, 3137 meters above sea level; Yuanjiang County is the lowest, only 327 meters above sea level. Three-dimensional characteristics of the climate is very clear, both Four Seasons Spring Mountain Pingba, also known as the "natural Bao room temperature," the valley.
At the YUXI that there are parts of the ancient forests and rich wildlife resources; in most parts of the region to the main food crop cultivation, it was hailed as a "central Yunnan granary"; Yuxi was one of the first cultivation of flue-cured tobacco And Production, are among the highest quality, well-known at home and abroad "Yunyan" produced in Yuxi, the Yuxi also known as "Yunyan" town.
  As the recent Kunming, Yuxi from the cities, in reality and potential of tourism in Yunnan big market, into a large central Yunnan Kunming International Tourism Zone and the Southeast Yunnan ties, South Yunnan Southwest Yunnan tourism potential of geographical conditions hotline. Yuxi, Yunnan's tourism ranked third in the 000, 2004, the city received 4,585,000 tourists trips, tourism revenue 1,082,000,000 yuan, with 2003 and 18.7 percent year-on-year growth of 47.4 percent. With the Fuxian, Huayao Dai, big business and so on Street Approved to increase the visibility of tourism products and a variety of festival events held in Yuxi, Yunnan has become a bright spot in the short-range travel, Yunnan has become a new tourist hot spots.
  Fuxian Lake, located in central Yunnan, Ju Kunming airport on the north shore of 45km, are connected to the highway and Kunming, in a subtropical sub-humid areas Plateau monsoon climate, with cold winter, not summer heat, like spring all year round, the average annual temperature of 15.5 ?, frost-free period in 273 days, the average annual rainfall of 952mm, the average annual sunshine 2153.5 hours, the perennial leading to southerly wind direction, wind speed average annual 2.2m /s. Fuxian long from north to south 31k East-west width 11.5km, the Department narrow 4km, the northern part of the water is wide, deep, narrow and simple in the southern, central slender like a gourd. The lake elevation 1722m, a total length of Lake 98km, the lake area of 212km2, the average water depth of 87m, the greatest depth of 155.5m, the volume of water 1 900,000,000 m3. Fuxian Huguangshanse beautiful coastal climate, since ancient times, "Barry Huguang small Dongting, as well as natural picture victory of the West Lake" in the world. "Water trucks fishing, fish Tong Guo", "intersection of Hubei and Hunan, the fish is not between" the magic fish culture; along the long human history sites, in particular, Li Shan bronze culture, Tian's "rare treasure" - Cambrian fossils group, the underwater city, which formed the Fuxian history and culture of unity with the natural landscape, is a monopoly of tourism resources. Fuxian Yuxi is the most precious tourism resources in Yunnan is a leisure tourist resort of choice for business meetings and tourist attractions.

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