Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wan Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wan Shan Jiangchuan is located 30 km north county Cueifong rural mountain star, beautiful tall and straight, stand like a wall a thousand Ren, verdant forests, such sighted Pik process. Shi Hong-zhong have left the mountains to slap hands, the Shengruhongzhong; boron stone right there, a wide number of high-Shi Zhang, stalagmite rocks, the wall has generated a Guanyin, realistic image, a clear spring peak Media, and not flow together.
Jian Wan Shan Biyun Si, known as "Wudang another hospital," Legend has it that the Department of the mid-Ming Dynasty County Wudang in Hubei Province are a disciple to build this building. Bi Yunsi eight columns along the main entrance, housing more than 30 temples, including the founder, Guanyin, the pig god, HUANG Jun, San Juan, such as the Hall of land and sea is expected to Construction, and so on. Flavor Architecture, carved, strict generous layout, the south-pointing carriage. Unfortunately, those in the construction of the "Cultural Revolution" during the destruction of the only remaining "Wudang other hospital", "common people blessing," reads the two. In 1986, the star of the masses village was launched to raise funds, and sponsorship of the people inside and outside the county, re-construction Cloud Temple. Bi Yunsi restored, with the exception of imitation of the original construction of temples, but also by the construction of a large Biyun Si to the foot of the stairs in front of 499; by the turn to the right temples of the past, according to a carved rock song in a critical situation to direct Lotus Peak Shi Jing; Lotus by cutting a foot peak 20-meter-long tunnel leading to the mountain peak.
Wan Shan Fuxian face, and the top hope, Yuanshanjinshui, Huguangshanse, panoramic view, people feel good, away.

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