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Tianshan cap fossil animal groups - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? world-famous Chengjiang fauna, mainly in the Chengjiang buried inside the mountain on the east coast of Fuxian Lake Hills area. 63 km away from Kunming, the provincial capital, 11 kilometers from the Chengjiang county. After more than a decade of the collection and explore, buried an area of about 18 square kilometers. Tianshan cap, Ma On Shan, La Mile Hill, and other places for Potou Chengjiang animal The regional focus. As the Chengjiang fauna of the earth to study the evolution of early life of the treasure house of fossils, paleontology by the international academic circles as "the twentieth century's most amazing scientific discovery," Chengjiang been hailed as the "holy places in the world of paleontology." May 1997 has been designated as provincial-level People's Government of Yunnan Province nature reserve. 1 98 years in November was the CPC Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Government as a patriotism education base at the provincial level. March 2001 was also approved as national geological park. UNESCO has been included in the "on behalf of the Earth's history the main stage of life, including record and the outstanding Style. "

?? ?? Chengjiang fauna is the original Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology researcher Hou first light, in July 1984 in the western slopes Chengjiang cap days of the first to discover. Following this meeting, China's Nanjing, Xi'an, Kunming, Beijing and other places of paleontologists on the Chengjiang fauna has had a multi - Large-scale acquisition. After 17 years of mining has been reached to more than 30,000 pieces of Chengjiang animal fossils had a comprehensive multi-disciplinary research, made a series of the world. Chengjiang fauna from the main categories of more fossil invertebrates, a rich variety of categories, very beautiful preservation, fauna found in up to More than 0 categories, more than 180 species of animals, of which only a large number of animals spongy, coelenterate, Brachiopod, arthropods and animals, links, but there are some little-known rare animals, as well as all kinds of strange patterns, it is difficult to go Into the door of any known animal fossils. , Found in the Chengjiang fauna and research shows that the sponge from the lower animals to higher chordates, almost all of the existing animal doors, and many are now extinct fauna, can be found in the Chengjiang fauna in their respective On behalf of. Therefore, the Chengjiang fauna of the Cambrian early animal studies of the solution Structure, function patterns, animals, evolution, the ecological environment, buried and preserved an important way to provide a reliable scientific basis.

?? ?? Chengjiang fauna found, and until now, paleontologists in China's research and transnational research, successful, well-known both at home and abroad have been published More than 130 scientific papers published articles, research monographs dozen. In order to meet the avalanche of youth and the general public understanding of the Chengjiang fauna, Chengjiang animal fossils and the Office of the Beijing Natural History Museum also co-edited by popular reading materials , but visitors have been to buy finished. On the basis of the requirements of visitors, Chengjiang fossils Office of Professional organizations to write an in-depth, has produced a . Booklet focuses on China's paleontologists study the outcome of the Chengjiang fauna, the Chengjiang fauna found in the great significance and details of the Chengjiang fauna species, so Senate , The investigator from the understanding of the Chengjiang fauna found so far from the picture.

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