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Fairy Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fairy Cave at home via Tel big V Longquan Village after village, the old Eagle's Nest strong Huajialing the mountain, the factory machinery is Jiangchuan County, the county seat Jiangchuan from about 5 km. According to an 36 Qianlong (1771) Zhong Xin Mao-year-old folder contained in the inscription on the monument,?????, a Buddhist abbot Mirror here to mobilize people to his four-party financing, Xing Temple, in 32 years Qianlong (1767), Hao Yue: "Yun Shen Temple", continue to incense, the local influential. Mirror monks Su Xing Huang, a major San Juan Township Renshi Temple, referred to as "yellow monk", is dedicated to his statue. According to the inscription set, the Fairy Cave of the origin of the hole, Gaiyin in a different hole Left giant footprints, still Yue Yu, Gu Yue, "Fairy Cave."
There are two side by side outside the hole and long tree branches and leaves lush evergreen the four seasons, up to Shuo Zhang, a few miles away can be seen, though, alas, a few years ago was broken by lightning, Maung large as in the past. Li Shek Pik on the left side of the hole on a piece of 2-foot long, 1 foot wide Danbian A letter "to open a day-how" words, the Department of Bing-Yin Qian Long (1746) Dan Spring Valley, Longquan village 85-year-old Peng title nine books. There are walls around the county governor Li Jia Shou Song title of the book "Sin is" 4. According to Shek Pik outside platform has a two-floor booth, supported by eight columns along the lower pavilion for as Dragon King, There remain a 18 Guangxu (1892), "East tablets fight," Stone, described the then East fighting event. Engraved on a pillar of contemporary calligraphy Jiangchuan famous couplet written by Liu Yongfu: "The cloth seats only suspect sitting in the sky, He Yi lean on a railing middle reaches of the mirror" and "a wide field of vision understand the truth, open and above board to distinguish between right and wrong," " Czech fascinating look at the way rugged enough for mountain cliff to the non-retrogression, the day the Buddha compassion all living creatures is willing to repent and be saved from the sea as early as Chi Hong cross. "Pavilion on the left side of Youbidixian Department are dedicated to the" yellow monk "statue to satisfy its favor. To the top Attic, Hill backed by a plastic Senju audio-visual concept, Weituo left and right law.
Hole along the Fairy Cave 2 step-down, inside a hall, similar to a circular shape with a diameter of about 13 meters, more than 6 meters high, one day at the top of the hole. Is a shrine to the hole, the top honors as the Buddha, a shrine in the back of the hole, tens of meters deep and can not visit. In recent years, organizations have been digging this hole for exploration, it has failed to Breakthrough for safety, now with the masonry block Cidong.
Fairy Cave since ancient times, within a radius of dozens of well-known scenic spots to watch not only the annual temple fair, the pilgrims continued, and beautiful scenery, visitors can not. In 1955, Jiangchuan County, the tomb of the martyrs have built here, removal of the martyrs buried 79 wrecks, A tombstone. "Great Cultural Revolution" period, the county building as a result of mechanical plant will be Mausoleum of the martyrs into Wai plant; In addition, the old Eagle's Nest at the northern foot of water conservancy construction of the big ditch, the ditch water leak, endangering the graves of the martyrs, so in August 1979 cemetery will be moved to Jiangchuan County schools after the first of Ford Hill abdomen.

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