Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mark the Chinese river - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Coptis River Falls group 5 km away from the county seat, highway lanes and direct access to the bus area. Yamahana in full bloom along the way, vertical and horizontal Valley, surging clear spring, Jade. The main attractions are fairy waterfall, waterfall Farewell Song, girls waterfall, waterfall Yue Lao, Mandarin waterfall, waterfall bridal chamber, Acacia waterfall, Duige waterfall, waterfall and sisters, Silver Chain waterfall, waterfall welcoming, Shouxing , Zhulian waterfall and mysterious, thousands of white-dong, it is refreshing curtain promenade and ecstasy is happy with the skateboard, and other large multiple of 20, together with the shape of the world of rare plants Pageflakes Davidia flowers, Wonders of the world can be.

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